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Walk The Walk – Walk The Walk


This is the duo of J Adler and Paul Alfery going under the name of Walk The Walk, it’s melodic rock styled from the late 80’s hair metal scene.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Walk The Walk
ALBUM: Walk The Walk
YEAR: 2021
SPONSOR: Germusica


LINEUP: J Adler – vocals * Paul Alfery – all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 Heaven’s On Its Way Down * 02 Running From You * 03 Are You There * 04 Two Miles To Go * 05 Find The Light * 06 Fight On Your Feet * 07 Get Busy Livin’ * 08 Move On * 09 Never Been To California * 10 Getaway

RATING: Score of 85%



A great new pairing has arrived in 2021 going under the moniker of Walk The Walk. If late 80’s and very early 90’s hair metal is your thing (as is the case with many Glory Daze articles), then this duo is bound to get the ball rolling for you.

The duo of vocalist J Adler and multi-instrumentalist Paul Alfery came together in early 2020 introduced by Alfery’s Galeforce bandmate/guitarist Tracy G. Their shared 80’s history was enough to fire up the furnaces of creativity, operating out of their respective home studios in Arizona and California respectively.

The Songs

I’m hearing all sorts of references from down through the history books. I’ll refer to these as we navigate through each of the tracks. However, before I start, what I’ll mention off the bat are the huge vocal chants going on, not since that first overblown Blue Tears album have you heard anything similar. Maybe Def Leppard circa ‘Hysteria’.

You couldn’t describe it as anything but hair metal, and as such ‘Heaven’s On Its Way Down’ contains all the triggers that set the musical era of 1987 through 1990 on fire. ‘Running From You’ is a cool track, maybe a slighter rougher version of Marcello Vestry, and again those huge chant-a-long vocals are everywhere.

The foot is removed from the pedal on ‘Are You There’, less frantic, less crunch, Adler’s a close match to a guy like Robbie LeBlanc on this one. Unlike ‘Two Miles To Go’ which is a rampant all out melodic rocker. The tempo is up, the guns are out. Turn it loud.

More woah woahs are presented on ‘Find The Light’. Not quite anthem material but still loud and proud. However, the anthem turns up next with ‘Fight On Your Feet’, intense vocals and double kick drums making its presence felt.

Again, the chant-a-vocals are top loaded on ‘Get Busy Livin’ but the overall sound is straight out of 1990 so that kinda makes up for it. ‘Move On’ continues the unabated guitar rock style employed by the duo but by now the excessive chanting is wearing very thin.

‘Never Been To California’ is the album’s ballad moment, and provides some welcome respite, while the closing ‘Getaway’ is a repeat of what’s gone before.

In Summary

‘Walk The Walk’ is a reasonable listen but all the chants and shoutouts just overly saturated the album to the point of annoyance. It was too overcooked. Even a decent glam metal band back in the hair metal era would never have attempted this many chants and woah’s even if their record contract depended on it.

The overall sound is great, though the guitar solos really needed some fancy six-string magic to make this album more than memorable. Unfortunately the soloing was kinda plain but without the speed nor fancy tricks. A recognised guitar gun like Beach or Hoekstra could have tipped this album on its head. Not to be. For those wishing to pursue this, the album lands this week on Friday February 26th.


Running From You

WALK THE WALK - Running From You (Official Lyric Video)

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