Tarmat - Out Of The Blue

Tarmat – Out Of The Blue


Brazilian band Tarmat landed on my doorstep during November 2021, and they were quite a different proposition to what I was expecting.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Tarmat
ALBUM: Out Of The Blue
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2021

LINEUP: Alexandre Daumerie – vocals * Eduardo Marcolino – guitars * Gabriel Aquino – keyboards * José Marcus – bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 Backbone Feeling * 02 Out of The Blue * 03 Moving Backwards * 04 Gibberish * 05 Rosetta Stone * 06 More Than Less * 07 Dinner’s on The House * 08 The Knight

RATING: Score of 70%



This Brazilian band landed on my doorstep during November 2021, and they were quite a different proposition to what I was expecting. Tarmat represent a bit of everything, musically. Like a mixed bag of lollies for your sweet tooth. Formed in 2020 during the lockdown era, these 8 songs were written in isolation across home studios and though cohesive thanks to modern recording practices, it still feels like an exercise in separation, though a pretty good one at that I reckon.

Tarmat Band pic 2021

The Songs

Sparkly synths introduces the opener ‘Backbone Feeling’ along with the obligatory tough guitar work. A solid start for sure and one of the album highlights. Tarmat revert to melodic west coast for the title track, swirling wurlitzer keys float around initially before the steady back beat gives it a rock feel. Nice work lads. ‘Moving Backwards’ is more circumspect, and a touch serious with a hint of progressive rock in the mix. ‘Gibberish’ features piano as its principle instrument, the whole song kept reasonably light-natured throughout.

Unlike the brazen rock-out of ‘Rosetta Stone’, its mostly guitar oriented attack appealing to melodic rockers with ease I’d suggest. ‘More Than Less’ takes a slight detour into blues territory, not quite as interesting as what went before, ‘Dinner’s On The Table’ was marginally better, but was a bit stylistically over the map. The last track ‘The Knight’ finishes up as an acoustic ballad, not quite the flourish I was hoping for, concluding things on a whimper rather than a crash bang wallop.

In Summary

For 8 tracks, I’d say that 3 or 4 of them are above average, the remainder not quite doing enough to interest seasoned rockers. During mid 2022, Tarmat have now been picked up by Frontiers Records, and they’ve released a lyric video of ‘Backbone Feeling’ to go along with it. Check it out.


Backbone Feeling

Tarmat - "Backbone Feeling" - Official Lyric Video

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