Metalite - A Virtual World

Metalite – A Virtual World


Metalite, nearly eighteen months later are back with their latest ‘A Virtual World’ which has (during the early part of 2021) become my most eagerly awaited album.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Metalite
ALBUM: A Virtual World
LABEL: AFM Records
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Erica Ohlsson – vocals * Edwin Premsberg, Robert Örnesved – guitars * Robert Majd – bass * Lea Larsson – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 A Virtual World * 02 Cloud Connected * 03 Talisman * 04 Beyond The Horizon * 05 Peacekeepers * 06 The Vampire Song * 07 We’re Like The Fire * 08 Artificial Intelligence * 09 Alone * 10 Running * 11 Synchronized * 12 Aftermath (Japanese Bonus)

RATING: Score of 95%

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Swedish band Metalite first crossed my bow in late 2019 with their ‘Biomechanicals’ album, their first for (then) new label AFM Records. I was quickly captivated by their brand of trancey/sci-fi power metal that the album easily made it into my top ten albums of that year. Metalite, nearly eighteen months later are back with ‘A Virtual World’ which has (during the early part of 2021) become my most eagerly awaited album.

I dig the futuristic lyrics and theme, with subject matter that most sci-fi fans can easily relate to. Even in the stupidity consciousness of those still asleep to the real truth of our reality, they would probably enjoy escaping to a virtual world of their own. But on this album I don’t believe that is Metalite’s message.

Metalite Band pic 2021

The Songs

Musically, for a power metal offering this is a very melodic affair. The whole band are on fire plus there’s the invisible band member on keyboards who contributes majorly to the album. I’m sure that this is another of Edwin’s roles.

The two opening tracks also have videos for them. The title track and ‘Cloud Connected’ are as catchy as heck, and despite this lot living in the house of power metal, they don’t have problems poking their nose into more melodic territory as they demonstrate here.

‘Talisman’ settles into Metalite’s stock in trade template, by now followers of the band will easily be able to pick them out from a blind audio test, such is their identifiable sound. Gotta love those plinky plonk keyboards introducing ‘Beyond The Horizon’ but things soon open out to an expansive affair, and how about those harmony vocals? Fairly bombastic all round.

‘Peacekeepers’ also has a video for it and is obviously a tune dedicated to the patriotic men and women of our military and armed forces. Nice touch. ‘The Vampire Song’ lays off the speed for once, the song title makes for interesting subject matter, not so much power metal but still super melodic. A contender for a gothic/horror movie soundtrack perhaps?

More intricate synth patterns precede ‘We’re Like The Fire’, the song let loose with Erica’s tailor-made voice and Lea’s tiptronic drum work. These two gals certainly know how to rock! The sci-fi/futuristic theme takes an upswing on ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It’s not quite played at full speed but the band get their point across on what is a controversial scientific subject for which it appears A.I has been let out of the bag. God help us.

‘Alone’ is Metalite’s ballad, and here they deliver something close to peers Amaranthe. So it begs the question: when are we going to see an Erica and Elize duet? Surely that would be a YouTube winner! ‘Running’ could be the metal equivalent of ‘The Hunger Games’. The delivery is fast and frantic, again Amaranthe come into focus, especially on their equally bombastic material from the first two albums.

On ‘Synchronized’, Metalite bruise their way to the finish line. A big sounding track but also they show they can mix it up with some deft parts including chorus vocals and changes in tempo. Of course, melody is in absolute abundance.

In Summary

I mentioned in my review of ‘Biomechanicals’ that the construction of their songs seemed to follow a familiar pattern, though this time around it’s perhaps not so obvious. As mentioned above, this album is highly melodic, guitars are relentless while the bottom end is rock solid.

The focal point is on Erica’s singing, and she smashes it out of the park. It’s like these songs were specifically written for her. The fact the sci-fi subject matter is right up my alley and that she’s visually appealing is a win-win situation for me.

The band are booked to play Sweden Rock Festival in a few months, if you’re lucky enough, make a point of seeing them live. In the meantime, ‘A Virtual World’ is released this Friday 26th March. Check it out.


A Virtual World

METALITE - A Virtual World (2021) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records

Cloud Connected
METALITE - Cloud Connected (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

METALITE - Peacekeepers (2020) // OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO // AFM Records

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