Jeremy - My Shining Star

Jeremy – My Shining Star


Hot on the heels of ‘Distant Dream’ comes Jeremy Morris’s second effort ‘My Shining Star’, the third album release in the past 12 months.

Written by: Explorer

ARTIST: Jeremy
ALBUM: My Shining Star
LABEL: JAM Records
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Jeremy Morris – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, piano, mellotron, synthesizers, mandolin, dulcimer, e-bow, tape effects * Dave Dietrich – drums * Peter Morris – bass * Matt Willsea, Stefan Johansson – guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 You’re Amazing * 02 Love Your Enemy * 03 My Shining Star * 04 New Perspective * 05 The Afterlife * 06 Blessing In Disguise * 07 New Invitation * 08 Leave It All Behind * 09 When I See Your Face * 10 Waiting For The Sun * 11 Light Of The World * 12 Saying Goodbye * 13 Spirit In The Sky

RATING: Score of 95%

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Delving into Jeremy’s past, it’s now come to my notice that he has been releasing music since the late 70’s and has some 70+ albums to his name, which by anyone’s standards is some going. There have been 3 releases from him just in the last 12 months alone. The previously reviewed ‘Distant Dream’, there’s also a more Psychedelic/Ambient album ‘The Road To Zion’ and now this ‘My Shining Star’, which like ‘Distant Dream’ is a Power/Jangle Pop album.

The Songs

Boasting a rawer feel than the very polished sounds of the ‘Distant Dream’ record, it nevertheless pretty much hits the sweet spot throughout. Starting off with a track that closed his previous record ‘You’re Amazing’, but this time around with a real ‘band’ feel to it, and lays down a marker for what follows.

The lyrics on the album are once more inspirational in nature, without being too ‘preachy’, and certainly didn’t detract from my listening pleasure. ‘Love Your Enemy’ boasts some cool psychedelic flourishes without giving up any of its melodic tendencies. The title track is a Power Pop tour de force and sees influences from The Byrds and The Beatles very much in evidence.

As for the rest of the album, Jeremy and his band stride confidently through tunes such as the deft, John Lennon like flowing textures of ‘New Invitation’, the epic sprawling ‘Light Of The World’ and all its attendant 60’s influences, and ‘The After Life’ that brings the bands 60’s dreaminess to the fore, I’m thinking of bands such as The Hollies and 6The Searchers here.

It’s perfectly clear that Jeremy is a master at conveying his love of Power Pop, and that comes through on ever track here. The album finishes with a cover of the old Norman Greenbaum chestnut ‘Spirit In The Sky’, and is faithfully and lovingly done, although Jeremy and the band manage somehow to eek the track out into a 24 minute jam. Not completely sold on the idea of stretching it out that long though, but I guess it doesn’t harm anyone being a little self indulgent from time to time!!

In Summary

Another eminently listenable Power/Jangle Pop album, but with 70+ albums from his back catalogue to catch up on I might be here for quite some time. I find it refreshing to see artists such as Jeremy Morris and his JAM Records label, regards of musical trends, just doing what they love, and for lovers of the Power Pop genre such as myself, discovering the work of Jeremy has been a real bonus.


You’re Amazing (Acoustic)

You're Amazing - Jeremy Morris

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