Using VPN?

Using a VPN will depend on how the WordPress website you are viewing is set up and who it is hosted by, It will determine whether or not it can be viewed when you as the user are logged onto the Internet using a virtual private network or VPN as it’s better known.

In the case of, by default the website does not open when you are using a VPN. To bypass this, go into the settings of your specific VPN app (in my case, I use Surfshark), go to the App settings and find anything that allows apps or allows websites. It is is a Whitelist effectively.

Add to the “Allow Site” list and save. You should now be able to view the site when logged into the Internet using a VPN.

I am pretty certain that this Whitelist functionality is applicable for all major VPNs, so that includes Surfshark, Nord VPN, ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), Cyberghost etc. Whatever VPN you are using.

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