Henry Paul Band - Anytime

Henry Paul Band – Anytime


‘Anytime’ was perhaps the best known of the Henry Paul Band four album run from 1979 to 1982. It was the start of Paul’s flirtation with AOR which he shifted to after he left The Outlaws in 1977.

Written by: Dangerzone

ARTIST: Henry Paul Band
ALBUM: Anytime
LABEL: Atlantic
SERIAL: SD 19325
YEAR: 1981
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Henry Paul – vocals, guitars * Bill Crain – guitars * Dave Fiester – guitars * Wally Dentz – bass * Barry Rapp – keyboards * Bill Hoffmann – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Living Without Your Love * 02 Hollywood Paradise * 03 Keeping Our Love Alive * 04 Anytime * 05 Outta My Mind * 06 Crazy Eyes * 07 766-2623 (ROM-ANCE) * 08 Brown Eyed Girl * 09 Rising Star (The Southern Sky) * 10 Distant Riders


Henry Paul Band Background

‘Anytime’ was perhaps the best known of the Henry Paul Band four album run from 1979 to 1982. It was the culmination of Paul’s flirtation with AOR which he shifted to after he left The Outlaws in 1977.

Paul had been part of the original Outlaws lineup and left as the band were enjoying their greatest success. This may have seemed like an odd choice, but Paul felt he had untapped potential by going solo.

This was the Henry Paul Band’s third album, following 1979’s ‘Grey Ghost’ and 1980’s ‘Feel The Heat’. It saw AOR supremo producer of-the-day; Kevin Beamish, brought in to add the commercial touch.

As with their previous albums, Survivor‘s Jim Peterik was on hand as co writer to all but two tracks. It gave an added sense of AOR sheen, as you might expect from one of the greatest AOR songwriters.

The end result saw Paul more than realising his AOR ambitions, while never totally throwing in the towel on his Southern rock past.

The Songs

‘Living Without Your Love’ kicks things off in upbeat melodic rock fashion. It’s the only original composition which didn’t feature Peterik as co-writer. This is close to what Firefall were doing at the time, a well crafted blend of southern type AOR.

‘Hollywood Paradise’s opening riff could pass for Molly Hatchet. It’s a heavy piece of AOR with a touch more aggression in the guitar work than your ordinary AOR act circa 1981.

Having said that ‘Keeping Our Love Alive’ is the most accomplished AOR piece on offer, consistently thrilling from start to finish. The rousing chord changes are enough to earn this classic status. Especially the falsetto vocal section at the three minute point which takes melody to new heights.

The title track could pass for the direction Thunder took on their ‘Headphones For Cows’ beauty. The sound of a Southern man turned AOR god, making use of glorious synthesizers.

The magnificence continues through ‘Outa My Mind’ and ‘Crazy Eyes’, before 766-2623 (ROM-ANCE)’ surges through in true Outlaws fashion.

The world probably could have lived without a cover of Van Morrison‘s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, but the keyboard touches are listenable at least.

The last two tracks see Paul turning firmly to his past, ‘Rising Star’ rivaling anything from Blackfoot‘s ‘Marauder’ that same year.

‘Distant Rider’ was written by the all star ensemble of Paul, Peterik and .38 Special‘s Don Barnes and Jeff Carlisi. Unforgettable Southern rock, this displays what a talent Paul was, to be able to mix ace AOR and Southern rock so effortlessly on one album, although he was ably supported.

I don’t recall .38 Special recording anything this good for themselves, the track evoking memories of the Old West in no uncertain terms.

In Summary

This stunning album has thankfully been reissued by the reliable Wounded Bird crew. It let everyone hear its melodic charms in pristine digital. A definite masterpiece.

Paul managed one more solo effort, 1982’s self titled album, before rejoining his Outlaws partners for 1986’s ‘Soldiers Of Fortune’.

Many of you are probably aware of Paul’s stint with country rockers Blackhawk. That band featured other talents like Dann Huff and the late Van Stephenson. Blackhawk were a big draw card on the Nashville scene.

Word has it Paul recently played with an all star southern act called The Southern Rock Renegades. It featured Carlisi and Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Ed King among others.

For me ‘Anytime’ is where it’s at. I’m off to listen to ‘Keeping Our Love Alive’ again. How can a man ever get enough?

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