Sweet Amber Remedy - Tilt N Shake

Sweetwood Amber Remedy – Tilt N Shake


The sonic brainchild of former Wildheart vocalist Cody Vaillant, this album from Sweetwood Amber Remedy packs a punch for an independently produced nine track affair.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Sweetwood Amber Remedy
ALBUM: Tilt N Shake
LABEL: Self Released/Bandcamp
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Cody Vaillant – vocals, guitar * Tyson Hiseler – bass * Mike Schlosser – drums

Additional Musicians: Clem C. Clemson – guitar * Chris Cunnane – guitar, backing vocals * Scotty B Goode – guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 Intro * 02 Sky On Fire * 03 All We Are * 04 Ya Dig? * 05 2020 * 06 Mother Lovin’ Truth * 07 Cantcha Feel It * 08 Top 40 Radio * 09 My Guitar

RATING: Score of 80%

WEBLINKS: Bandcamp Link | FB Page


New to the Glory Daze radar are Toronto based classic rockers Sweetwood Amber Remedy (SAR). Located recently on Bandcamp, I thought it was about to time to undertake some hard mining on that platform to see what gems can be unearthed. Expect to see and hear about more revelations during 2021.

The sonic brainchild of former Wildheart vocalist Cody Vaillant, this album packs a punch for an independently produced nine track affair. It’s mostly classic rock with retro, blues and sleaze ingredients added to the mix. I reckon it’s a good fit for Glory Daze as we head into 2021. Our first review of the year.

Sweetwood Amber Remedy Band pic 2021

The Songs

Let’s kick it off with the brief under two minute ‘Intro’, a fiery guitar riff based track which is the required incendiary to set things alight. ‘Sky On Fire’ places Sweetwood Amber Remedy. right on the thin blade of edgy modern rock, sharp and dangerous, the solo a wah-wah infused blast of manic overload. Gotta love it.

‘All We Are’ is the sort of song for those who enjoyed the era of bands like Hanoi Rocks and their ilk. Certainly this is a mix of sleaze and party anthem with a bluesy backbone. ‘Ya Dig?’ is further evidence of Sweetwood Amber Remedy diving headlong into a tune full of blues swagger, the slide guitar made for a interesting incursion, though I felt the drum mix was pushed back too much.

With the year just gone, what is there about the year ‘2020’ that hasn’t been sung about already? For something different, this one sounds like Cody is on a time travelling motorcycle from the future and wondering whether 2020 is worth a pitstop or not. I’d say ‘nope, nothing to see here. Move along’.

‘Mother Lovin’ Truth’ is filled with handclaps acting as the metronomic backbeat, and takes us back to the early 90’s where a plethora of bands were delivering on this retro rock style. ‘Cantcha Feel It’ captures Sweetwood Amber Remedy at their party rollicking best, a fun-filled romp with a heavy blues vibe.

‘Top 40 Radio’ has that obligatory party rock thing happening, like a revamp of Iowa’s legendary party rock heroes Lynn Allen albeit in 2021. By the way, does Top 40 Radio even exist anymore? Did Clear Channel kill it off? ‘My Guitar’ is more retro filled rock n roll, a song with solid riffing throughout while the soaring guitar solo is certainly the icing on the cake.

In Summary

This is a very likeable set of tunes with that independent self produced sound filtering through. Yes, it’s retro classic rock with several twists and turns, though played in a modern context. ‘Tilt N Shake’ is up on Bandcamp as well as YouTube. Check out Cody and Sweetwood Amber Remedy right now.


Full album

Sweetwood Amber Remedy - Tilt N'Shake (Official Full Album 2021)

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