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Ufo - No Heavy Petting

UFO – No Heavy Petting 3 (1)

In 1976, I doubt there was a harder and tighter rock band in operation than UFO, Leo Lyons returns for…

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Black Sabbath - Technical Ecstasy

Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstacy 0 (0)

‘Technical Ecstacy’ marked a turning point for Black Sabbath as they continued to move away from the heavy doom of…

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Roadmaster - Roadmaster

Roadmaster – Roadmaster 3 (1)

‘Roadmaster’ the album has often been described as the band’s weakest link, though longtime fans needn’t feel discouraged as there…

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Angel - Helluva Band

Angel – Helluva Band 4 (1)

To be honest, Angel’s popularity and cult following didn’t truly equate to success on the charts, ‘Helluva Band’ only made…

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Stonewall - Stonewall

Stonewall – Stonewall 0 (0)

Stonewall recorded in nine days allegedly in New York City, this often excruciatingly heavy album has a touch of everything…

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Head East - Get Yourself Up

Head East – Get Yourself Up 0 (0)

After a promising start with their debut ‘Flat As A Pancake’, Head East could not convert strikes into runs, as…

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Styx - Crystal Ball

Styx – Crystal Ball 0 (0)

Styx was now a lean mean live machine and needed an album that reflected their new harder rocking direction.

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Diamond Reo - Dirty Diamonds

Diamond REO – Dirty Diamonds 4 (1)

The true spirit of unabashed 70’s hard rock was captured by many a great band during the decade, including Pittsburgh…

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Starcastle - Starcastle

Starcastle – Starcastle 0 (0)

Though the debut album from mid-west prog band Starcastle saw its release in 1976, the material originates from 1974.

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