Dion Bayman - Alive

Dion Bayman – Alive


Though it’s taken three years to return to the public eye, Dion Bayman has kept up the songwriting regimen through 2019-2021 with a batch of ten new songs.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Dion Bayman
ALBUM: Alive
LABEL: Dion Bayman Music
YEAR: 2021

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australian Flag

LINEUP: Dion Bayman – all vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 Alive * 02 Waiting For That Day * 03 You Will Never Know * 04 One Way Ticket * 05 To Die For * 06 Breathless * 07 Miracle * 08 Jaded * 09 Something About You * 10 Show You Heaven

RATING: Score of 85%



Sydney based solo artist Dion Bayman has every one of his album releases reviewed here at Glory Daze. ‘Alive’ is his fifth recognised album (not counting his 2006 CDR ‘Truth Or Dare’). Last seen back in 2018 with ‘Better Days’ on the Italian label Art Of Melody, Dion is back flying independently solo once more.

Through the madness of covid, lockdowns and tyrannical Government behaviour in Dion’s’ crazy home state of New South Wales, ‘Alive’ can be seen as a personal catch cry in these troubled times for many of us residing across the globe. Music can be seen as a great healer.

The Songs

Though it’s taken three years to return to the public eye, there has been good reasons for the delay (as mentioned above), but Dion Bayman has kept up the songwriting regimen with a batch of ten new songs including the lead-off single ‘Waiting For That Day’ which was released ahead of time last month.

For me, ‘Breathless’ is the pick of the bunch, a punchy rocker that is both excitable and full of beans like the energizer bunny. In saying that, ‘Jaded’ follows in a close second, lots of sizzling guitar parts can be heard on this one. Other highly listenable tracks range from the medium tempo of ‘You Will Never Know’ to the anthem like qualities of ‘To Die For’ and ‘Miracle’.

Strains of modern pop rock filter through on ‘One Way Ticket’, while the closing pair ‘Something About You’ and ‘Show You Heaven’ keep up appearances by ensuring the album is on the rockier side of the metronome.

In Summary

For those that are familiar with Dion Bayman’s past work, it will be like catching up with a friend you haven’t heard from in ages, and in this era of pandemic stupidity, that’s exactly how things have played out around the world.

There are bunch of excellent songs but generally the whole album needs to be given a listen if you know what’s good for your ears. The album is out this Friday 22 October. Go for it.


Waiting For That Day

Dion Bayman - Waiting For That Day (Official Video)

One Way Ticket
Dion Bayman - One Way Ticket (Official Video)

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