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Angel - Risen

Angel – Risen 3 (2)

A band like Angel don’t deliberately set out to release a bad album on purpose. ‘Risen’ has many solid moments…

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Crossfade - Carousel

Crossfade – Carousel 3 (1)

So, what do Crossfade sound like all these years later? It’s more aligned to the contemporary jazz side of the…

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Glass Tiger - Thirty Three

Glass Tiger – ThirtyThree (EP) 3 (1)

It was supposed to be called ‘Thirty’ in recognition of Glass Tiger’s three decade anniversary, but they had to defer…

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Degreed - Lost Generation

Degreed – Lost Generation 3 (1)

We welcome the third review of the Swedish band Degreed on GDM, and its a few years overdue too, however…

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First Night - First Night

First Night – First Night 3.5 (2)

The new Estonian band First Night delivers classy melodic rock and AOR with wisely dosed influences from multiple sources.

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Riot City - Burn The Night

Riot City – Burn The Night 4 (1)

Continuing a legacy of Canadian epic metal are Calgary’s very own merchants of steel: Riot City.

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