Hunter (Chile) - Hungry Heart

Hunter (Chile) – Hungry Heart


We reviewed this Chilean melodic rock band Hunter back in 2019, now signed to Danish label Lion’s Pride, here’s their second album, and a goodie it is too.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Hunter (Chile)
ALBUM: Hungry Heart
LABEL: Lion’s Pride Music
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Edgardo Carabantes – vocals * Claudio Guerrero – guitar * Leo Correa – keyboards * Juan Carlos Alfaro – bass * Marcelo Alegria – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Hungry Heart * 02 Tore Love * 03 Far Away * 04 Love Hunter * 05 Sad Eyes * 06 Destination * 07 Rise Up * 08 Snake * 09 Somebody Said (Love Is A Lonely Word) * 10 Tonight * 11 We Gotta Fight * 12 Warmer Love

RATING: Score of 90%



We first looked at the excellent Chilean band Hunter at the start of 2019 with their debut album released the previous year. Though South American in origin, the band are very European in style and sound, much like their Brazilian cousins on the opposite side of the continent.

If anything, Hunter have gone to another level, the songs, musicianship and production are all improved immeasurably, I’d be recommending this over many of the cookie-cutter releases cluttering up the melodic rock scene out of Europe, one particular label starting withe letter F springs to mind. Any guesses who?

The guitar and keyboard integration on ‘Hungry Heart’ is just sublime, very similar to the Peruvian band we reviewed earlier this year: Revlin Project. It is a great thing to see melodic rock/AOR emanating from non-traditional regions of the world. Come on Morocco and Mongolia, step it up.

Hunter Band pic 2021

The Songs

Unlike the debut Hunter album, there are no Spanish language tracks to be found among the twelve on ‘Hungry Heart’, it’s all in the good Queen’s English. As with any decent band playing in this genre-space, we get everything from fast-paced rockers, shoutout anthems, ballads and tracks which infuse intensity and introspection. There’s plenty to choose from.

Highlights include the sizzling the lead-off title track ‘Hungry Heart’, from this introduction you can sense how the rest of the album will pan out. Listen to those crackling guitar riffs from the get-go on ‘Tore Love’ and when combined with those fancy synths you have a winning combination.

It doesn’t take long to warm to the pure AOR of ‘Far Away’, three tracks in and Hunter are on a roll. The first power ballad strikes next on ‘Love Hunter’, fusing hard hitting guitars, delicate synths and well placed anthemic vocal chants. ‘Sad Eyes’ is one of my personal favourites – it’s got everything, while ‘Rise Up’ is the obvious anthem, both in song title and musical style, full of vocal shoutouts.

In Summary

Hunter are certainly a band on the rise, still relatively unknown among the majority of the melodic rock press, but here at Glory Daze you can consider yourself duly iNight Flight Orchestrarmed thanks to our coverage. On a side note, singer Ed Carabantes is also involved in the synthwave moment due to his involvement with Chilean singer Gigolette, her debut album ‘Shine’ was released a few weeks back, we might just get to writing that one as well. Watch this space.


Sad Eyes

Hunter - Sad Eyes (Official Music Video / April 2021)

We Gotta Fight
Hunter - We Gotta Fight (Official Music Video / April 2021)

Tore Love
Hunter - Tore Love (Official Music Video / April 2021)

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