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Trevor Rabin - Face To Face

Trevor Rabin – Face To Face 0 (0)

‘Face To Face’ was Trevor Rabin’s second solo album and once again he played everything bar the proverbial kitchen sink…

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Axe - Axe

Axe – Axe 4 (1)

Axe – after having annoyed the mid-west press everywhere between Minneapolis and Milwaukee, Babyface skulked into hiding, and popped their…

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Aerosmith - Night In The Ruts

Aerosmith – Night In The Ruts 2 (1)

Going by Aerosmith’s history books it would be easy to deduce that the 1978-1980 timeframe was the most traumatic period…

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Foreigner - Head Games

Foreigner – Head Games 4 (1)

With ‘Head Games’, Foreigner ventured into the studio with Roy Thomas Baker at the helm. There are some of his…

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Ufo - Strangers In The Night Live

UFO – Strangers In The Night (Live) 5 (1)

Even decades after its release, UFO’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ is still considered to be one of the definitive live…

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Gamma - Gamma 1

Gamma – Gamma 1 4 (1)

Gamma was the new project put together by San Francisco guitar god Ronnie Montrose during 78/79, as a whole, this…

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Helix - Breaking Loose

Helix – Breaking Loose 3 (1)

Helix’s earlier albums weren’t as ‘timber-wolved’ as efforts by fellow Canucks Bachman Turner Overdrive, Iron horse and Trooper, there’s an…

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Saxon - Saxon

Saxon – Saxon 3 (1)

It was obvious that Saxon’s NWOBHM sound on their second and third releases was something of an anomaly or a…

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Breathless - Breathless

Breathless – Breathless 4 (1)

Breathless, a Cleveland based band were an accident just waiting to happen, that’s how the story goes according to main-man…

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Kiss - Dynasty

Kiss – Dynasty 0 (0)

To be honest, ‘Dynasty’ as a whole is uneven stylistically, even with a few classics on board, it just proved…

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Journey - Evolution

Journey – Evolution 4 (1)

I feel ‘Evolution’ is a much forgotten part of Journey’s discography, and deserves kudos alongside their other much more popular…

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Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East

Judas Priest – Unleashed In The East 5 (2)

Judas Priest along with U.F.O’s magnificent ‘Strangers In The Night’ live album from 1979, you can also add this wee…

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Kansas - Monolith

Kansas – Monolith 0 (0)

with changing times and attitudes, prog rock would go on a backburner, impacting bands like Kansas, but this album along…

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Oak - Oak

Oak – Oak 2 (1)

Fans of Styx, Airborne, Alexis and the first Tycoon album will go ga-ga over the debut Oak album as every…

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Van Halen - Van Halen Ii

Van Halen – Van Halen II 4 (2)

I have never considered this Van Halen album to be throwaway. This LP was thrashed by yours truly back in…

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Couchois - Couchois

Couchois – Couchois 4 (1)

Late 70’s soft rock never sounded so good with these guys, Couchois (pronunced Ku-Shwa) were an Alabama based band blessed…

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Gulliver - Ridin' The Wind

Gulliver – Ridin’ The Wind 3 (1)

For fans of 70’s hard rock, Gulliver mix up some searing guitar-work on their heavier moments, and vocal harmonies a…

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Bullseye - On Target

Bullseye – Bullseye 3 (1)

For what it’s worth, Bullseye’s ‘On Target’ is a thoroughly likeable album that will find a ton of fans here…

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Buckeye - Buckeye

Buckeye – Buckeye 4 (1)

Buckeye have their soft rock origins in Los Angeles, where a bunch of other bands playing a similar style like…

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Led Zeppelin - In Through The Out Door

Led Zeppelin – In Through The Out Door 2 (1)

Undoubtedly Led Zeppelin were the biggest hard rock act of the 70’s, but it cannot be denied that ‘In Through…

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Roadmaster - Hey World

Roadmaster – Hey World 4.5 (2)

The third Roadmaster album ‘Hey World’ was a continuation from ‘Sweet Music’, whereas that album had two distinct sides of…

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