Martin And Garp - Sentimental Fools

Martin And Garp – Sentimental Fools


Martin And Garp are a relatively new Dutch project, fusing West Coast and soul with a huge influence from the late 70’s and early 80’s era.

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ARTIST: Martin And Garp
ALBUM: Sentimental Fools
LABEL: Légère Recordings
YEAR: 2021

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Flag Netherlands

LINEUP: Timothy van der Holst (Phil Martin) – drums, percussion, piano, synthesizer, production * Lodewijk Van Gorp (Garp) – vocals, saxophone

Additional Musicians: Edwin in ‘t Veld – guitar * Ton van der Kolk – bass * Govert van der Kolm, Joel Sarakula – piano * Maarten Teekens – backing vocals * Berthil Busstra – synthesizer, piano * Kees Elsman – harmonica

TRACK LISTING: 01 Making Up * 02 Sleepless Night * 03 Pushing Away * 04 The Way * 05 Told You Straight * 06 Start All Over Again * 07 Giving Up On Love * 08 Love’s Luck Game * 09 Rosie * 10 Take A Minute

RATING: Score of 80%

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Martin And Garp are a relatively new Dutch project, fusing West Coast and soul with a huge influence from the late 70’s and early 80’s era. If you’re into artists such as Steely Dan, Bobby Caldwell, Bill LaBounty and the Doobie Brothers then listen up.

Phil Martin (real name Timothy van der Holst) is a significant name in the world of Dutch jazz and soul. He’s been in the game since 2003 and been both a musician and producer. Along the way he worked alongside vocalist and sax player Lo Van Gorp, and here they are years later as a working duo. Songwriting credits also go to Joel Sarakula and Laura Vane.

The album was first released in Japan during 2020 and eventually issued in Europe on January 15th, 2021. The duo also share the same record label as recent reviewees Young Gun Silver Fox, both part of the Légère Recordings family.

Martin And Garp Band pic 2021

The Songs

It’s clear that ‘Sentimental Fools’ could be hung out to dry during the California summer of 1976, such is its musical timestamp. All we need to make the time travel event more realistic is a TV set while watching ‘CHiPS’ and the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’. ‘Making Up’ is tailor made for the specialist Japanese market, a country that adores this style of music. The comparison to yesteryear West Coast really doesn’t need repeating so this will be the last time I’ll mention it in this article.

‘Sleepless Night’ is a song of tangled love, the likes of which we’ve heard a million times before. The easy melodies and yearning lyrics make for a good combination. ‘Pushin’ Away’ locks into a tight L.A groove, you can name numerous reference points on a cool song like this. ‘The Way’ has a slight funk edge as evidenced by that persistent bass line, whereas ‘Told You Straight’ is a track more in keeping with the templated West Coast style we are all familiar with. ‘Start All Over Again’ is a pop-oriented track that sounds better suited to being played on radio decades ago.

‘Givin’ Up On Love’ and ‘Love’s Luck Game’ are good but slightly behind in appeal. ‘Rosie’ however, is an album highlight for me, kinda slinky with a Toto lite vibe. ‘Take A Minute’ finishes this neat little album, although the track actually takes three minutes. Again this is archetypal West Coast, surely our Dutch friends will be considering a move Stateside soon? Lol.

In Summary

Overall an easy on the ear album which will appeal to some of you here. I reckon their record label Légère Recordings is one to keep an eye on, if true blue West Coast music is your thing. If you require something on the cruisy side, then get acquainted with Martin And Garp.


Making Up

Making Up - Martin & Garp (Official Video)

Pushin’ Away
Pushin' Away - Martin & Garp

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