Navigating to Home Page

Click on the site main banner image to return to the home page at any time.

YouTube Music

We use YTM as our live online media player for most (not quite all) reviews in the database. You’ll see the YTM logo in our review, if you click it, the YTM page will be opened in a new tab, and you play the content of the Playlist. Music will still be playable as you navigate to another web page. Tested and works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Users customize own Profile Pics

Users can customize their own profile images now.

a) Click on your Profile icon (top right corner of screen).

b) Go to Edit Profile.

c) Look for Add User Profile image (3/4 down the page), select from your computer/phone, click Upload.

d) Click Update Profile (green button bottom of the page).

Using Tags

The use of tags was quite prevalent on the previous GDM site using the Vanilla Forums platform. We will continue to use tags in the new WordPress system. Please use it like a rapid Transit System that filters your search results to a granular level. Tags are visible on the full review article or for each article shown on the main front page grid.

Adding Likes, Ratings and Comments

All three functions are available to use on any album review.

a) The ‘Like’ object is at the top of every review. It is a heart shaped icon. Clicking it will enable it and change the icon to purple/red colour.

b) The five star rating is shown towards the bottom of the review. You need to click it once after selecting the amount of stars and then click it a second time to embed it.

c) Posting comments is available right at the footer of the review page, this should be fairly self-explanatory I would think.

Emojis Supported

All emojis, whether by desktop or mobile/tablet are supported in Forums and comments.


As of mid November 2023, we have dropped our SEO Provider Rank Math, and moved onto the Yoast platform. More on this change later.

RSS News Feeds

RSS is not supported on this site for security purposes.

Copy Protection

Over the years we’ve seen numerous people steal GDM content for uncredited use on their websites or YouTube channel. They cite fair use policy, but are in fact benefitting financially from other people’s work. We’ve put a stop to that by incorporating copy protection protocols to lock down right-click copy/paste, preventing print preview and also copy/paste actions from printed pages as well as web scraping via RSS Feeds. Therefore, text and image copying are prevented, even I as Admin can’t copy/paste from the browser.

Private Messaging

Something I forgot about from the old site was the use of Private Messages among users. There is a menu option for this, or click the blue bubble icon in the bottom right corner to go to the messaging window. You’ll be alerted via an email to your registered email address when someone sends you a message.

Pinned Posts

We are now using the WordPress function for pinning certain posts to the top of our content. We will initially keep these to a single row of 4 articles (The top row) and will change these from time to time.