She Bites - Joyride

She Bites – Joyride


. I’m enjoying what’s going on here mostly with this debut from German band She Bites, hence giving this a write up.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: She Bites
ALBUM: Joyride
LABEL: Pride And Joy Records
YEAR: 2020
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Melanie Stahlkopf – vocals * Lars Konig guitars * Arvid Lucas – bass * Carsten Kohl – drums

Additional Musician: Olaf Senkbell (Dreamtide) – Co lead vocals (#7)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Demons * 02 Joyride ” 03 She’s On Fire * 04 Heartbreak Hotel * 05 Dance For You * 06 I’ll Be Alright * 07 Rock This Night * 08 Punches * 09 The Smile Song * 10 Heaven Sent * 11 Push The Button

RATING: 80/100



This is the female fronted band from Berlin called She Bites. It’s quite a deceiving listen. Though the rhythm section might not be that adventurous, there is a certain appeal throughout. She Bites features prior membership from the bands Lioncage (Konig, Lucas) and Three Wishes (Kohl).

Other than that, two additional acts came into my consciousness while listening to ‘Joyride’. Swedish band Frontback was one, though She Bites are far more commercial. The other being Swiss hottie Jane Bogaert, with singer Melanie Stahlkopf being an absolute doppelganger!

The Songs

We reviewed Bogaert in 2010, her title track ‘Fifth Dimension’ is a carbon copy of this bands title track ‘Joyride’. The songs here don’t venture too far off the garden path, most are templated pop rockers, with ‘Demons’, ‘She Is On Fire’, the sultry ‘Dance For You’ with guitars on flanger overdrive and the anthem ‘Rock This Night’ being features. I’m enjoying what’s going on here mostly with this debut from She Bites, hence giving this a write up.

In Summary

I’d say that ‘Joy Ride’ flew under the radar for many during 2020. We initially reviewed it as a ‘brief’ review article at the time but have deservingly fleshed it out as we began curating our 2020 articles for uploading to GDM Online.

She Bites continue to release new music, with their 2022 album ‘Super Hero’ out now on Pride And Joy Records. However, singer Melanie Stahlkopf has since moved on, the replacement being the more than capable German vocalist Marion Welch. Expect a review of that album in the near future.


Rock This Night

She Bites feat. Olaf Senkbeil - Rock This Night (Official Video)

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