Fierce Heart - War For The World

Fierce Heart – War For The World


It seems the Christian Rock community have re-embraced Fierce Heart and this album from their 80’s heyday, judging by some reviews I’ve read. Fair enough too. Welcome back chaps!

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Fierce Heart
ALBUM: War For The World
LABEL: Dark Star Records
YEAR: 2020
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Rex Carroll – guitars, backing vocals * Bob Reynolds – vocals, guitar * Antonio Acevedo – bass, backing vocals * Nick Forchione – drums, cowbell

TRACK LISTING: 01 Into The Sun * 02 Built For Speed * 03 Out For Blood * 04 Just Got Lucky * 05 Lost Inside Your Love * 06 Power To Rock * 07 Bad Child * 08 Rest My Bones * 09 Long Time * 10 War For The World * 11 Road To Nowhere

RATING: 85/100



Fans of 80’s metal will remember guitarist Rex Carroll from his time with an earlier incarnation of Fierce Heart, plus his stint with Christian metallers Whitecross and King James. After a long hiatus out of the public eye, Fierce Heart reunited for MelodicRockFestUSA 5 in early May 2018 held in Chicago, the positive feedback from that gig resulted in a permanent reformation. And here we are two years later with their second album ‘War For The World’.

Drummer Nick Forchione and singer Bob Reynolds were also part of the second unofficial version of Fierce Heart which excluded Carroll as he had already departed for Whitecross in 1986, that second lineup eventually moved to Los Angeles ex Chicago and underwent a name change to become Gravedanger, which recorded an album for MCA only for the label to pull the plug days out from release in February 1990. Oh what should’ve been..

The Songs

The ‘War For The World’ album contains eleven tracks and sees a re-recorded version of ‘Out For Blood’ (a new video for it is shown below). Fierce Heart along with their record label Dark Star filmed another video called ‘Lost Inside Your Love’, plus a lyric video for the six-string monster in ‘Built For Speed’.

Let’s not forget the chugging ‘Power To Rock’ and the fiery title track ‘War For The World’ bringing up the rear at end of the album. Overall, this is a welcome return, with the production from Rex Carroll being a vast improvement over the raw debut recording from 1985.

In Summary

It seems the Christian Rock community have re-embraced Fierce Heart and this album from their 80’s heyday judging by some reviews I’ve read. Fair enough too, as there are definite nods to a band like Stryper, especially in the guitar and vocal department. Welcome back chaps!


Out For Blood

Fierce Heart - Out For Blood

Lost Inside Your Love
Fierce Heart - Lost Inside Your Love

Built For Speed
Entire Album (Select Tracks)
Into the Sun

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  1. [Rkbluez] Picked it up, great album, hard rocking stuff with some killer guitar from Rex as always and good vocals. This blows a lot of other albums released in this style out of the water, a solid album.

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