The Order - Supreme Hypocrisy

The Order – Supreme Hypocrisy


As much as I liked the previous albums by The Order I wasn’t so keen on this latest one yes, I did encourage them to go a touch heavier, but they lost something along the way.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: The Order
ALBUM: Supreme Hypocrisy
LABEL: Massacre Records
YEAR: 2020

LINEUP: Gianni Pontillo – vocals * Bruno Spring – guitars * Andrej Abplanalp – bass * Mauro ‘Tschibu’ Casciero – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 The Show * 02 Supreme Hypocrisy * 03 Back To Reality * 04 Dreams Are Not The Same * 05 Save Yourself * 06 No Messiah * 07 August In Miami * 08 Where I Come From * 09 Sometimes * 10 Only The Good Die Young

RATING: 60/100



The Order is the Swiss band we first latched onto back in 2012, with their fantastic hard rock 80’s inspired effort called ‘1986’. They had been around for much longer, though this was the first album they released for Massacre Records. Since then, there’s been the 2016 album ‘ Rock N Rumble’, plus this latest 2020 effort ‘Supreme Hyprocrisy’.

As much as I liked those two previous albums I wasn’t so keen on this latest one. Yes, I did encourage them to perhaps go a touch heavier, and they duly did, but they lost something along the way by the sounds of it.

The Songs

Gone are the comparisons to fellow Swiss compadres Krokus, and their 80’s inspired riffing along with their hint of boogie, it too has also gone. Can’t win them all I guess. Instead, The Order identify with modern Euro styled metal. Good comparisons might be recent Bonfire, Wolfpakk and Axxis. All good bands, but I’m not sure this is where The Order should’ve gone.

Singer Gianni Pontillo still displays some Marc Storace vocalisms, but let’s be clear, this is not Krokus anymore. Getting past the ‘Barrcuda’ guitar intro, ‘The Show’ demonstrates The Order’s new found vigour, but unfortunately they’ve lost their uniqueness, sounding like any number of Euro metal bands in the current age.

The title track is next, and though the racy delivery method is on-song, I’ve heard this style of track too many times to care. The slow change-up on the chorus along with the gruff vocal didn’t help. ‘Back To Reality’ chugs along with intent, but thus far there’s nothing really jaw dropping or interesting enough to hold onto, and that for the most part is how the rest of the album shapes up.

Of the rest, ‘Dreams Are Not The Same’ is half decent, but the rest doesn’t move me. The ballad ‘Sometimes’ is the odd-song out, while two tracks operate in doom metal mode: ‘Where I Come From’ and the closer ‘Only The Good Die Young’. Not my cup of tea unfortunately.

In Summary

Depending which side of the metal fence you reside on, you’ll either enjoy it for what it is, or toss your nose up with indignance. ‘Supreme Hypocrisy’ makes for a very uneven listening experiene, and one can’t help but feel the band have taken a step backwards. Hmmm.


Supreme Hypocrisy

THE ORDER - Supreme Hypocrisy (Official Video)

Back To Reality
THE ORDER - Back To Reality (Official Video)

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