Girish And The Chronicles - Rock The Highway

Girish And The Chronicles – Rock The Highway


From India, Girish And The Chronicles have been causing a stir with their high octane brand of hard rock.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Girish And The Chronicles
ALBUM: Rock The Highway
LABEL: Lion’s Pride Music
YEAR: 2020

LINEUP: Girish Pradhan – lead vocals, guitars * Suraz Sun – lead guitars * Yogesh Pradhan – bass * Nagen Mongrati – drums * Krishh Dutta – keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Rock The Highway * 02 Every Night, Like Tonight * 03 Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here To Stay * 04 The Distance Between * 05 The Sikkimese Dream (Rock ‘n’ Roll Wonderland) * 06 Bad Shepherd * 07 She’s Heavy Metal * 08 The Rebel * 09 Trapped Inside A Mirror * 10 Wounded * 11 Tears Of The Phoenix * 12 Identity Crisis * 13 Walking The Line

RATING: 90/100



It’s not often we discuss a hard rock band originating from India, but here we are. Our last look was a duo called Steel Rush who released an EP back in 2016. However, in 2020, Girish and his merry men have been causing a stir with their high octane brand of hard rock. Girish And The Chronicles are not a new band, they’ve been around for a few years but they are new to international audiences thanks to their deal with Danish label Lion’s Pride Music.

The Songs

Some of the songs on this album are spectacular, there’s no two ways about it. As the vernacular goes in the hard rock industry the term ‘loud and proud’ applies here liberally. There’s nothing that compares to Indian music in its traditional capacity with these guys. This has all the power of that debut Skid Row album way back when. And as for lead singer Girish Pradhan, this guy is a star in the making. Bloody hell!

It’s all merry mayhem as the title track leads off with exhaust fumes in its wake, and as such the speed is definitely on, as second track ‘Every Night, Like Tonight’ lays waste to all pretenders. ‘She’s Heavy Metal’ is exactly what you would expect when reading off the tin, while ‘The Rebel’ flails away unmercifully on your ears, as they say in Batman TV shows.. “Boom crash wallop.”

The album doesn’t really waver into softer territory, though the pairing of ‘Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay’ and ‘The Distance Between’ are less manic, and operate mostly in slow-mo mode.

In Summary

There are many things I enjoy about India. Mostly it’s food but I think I found a new avenue for rock music and this country seems to be an untapped domain. Excuse the pun, but I’m sure many of you will find this flavour of curry very palatable. Girish And The Chronicles come highly recommended.


Rock N Roll Is Here To Stay

Girish And The Chronicles - ROCK N' ROLL IS HERE TO STAY

Ride To Hell

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1 thought on “Girish And The Chronicles – Rock The Highway

  1. [George The Jack] I had been waiting for this one after the release of the video single a few months ago.

    Listened the album in its entirety last night on Spotify. Great stuff indeed that will probably grow on me after a few listens. I’d pick these guys as riisng stars (the guitar player is also excellent). Hope they don’t fall victims of inadequate promotion on behalf of their label as that’s the case with some bands today. The plethora of releases is such that you can easily slip off the radar of the audience. These guys deserve a lot of attention.

    [Gdazegod] They are from Sikkim, in the most northern part of India.

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