House Of Lords - New World New Eyes

House Of Lords – New World New Eyes


It goes without saying, House Of Lords know how to deliver on consistency, and you’ll find it here once again.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: House Of Lords
ALBUM: New World New Eyes
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2020
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LINEUP: James Christian – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, production * Jimi Bell – guitars * Chris Tristram – bass * BJ Zampa – drums

Additional Musicians: Michele Luppi – additional keyboards * Tommy Denander – additional guitars * Robin Beck, Mark Spiro, Richard Hymas, Olivia Dei Cicchi – backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 New World – New Eyes * 02 Change (What’s It Gonna Take) * 03 One More * 04 Perfectly (You And I) * 05 The Both Of Us * 06 Chemical Rush * 07 We’re All That We Got * 08 Better Off Broken * 09 $5 Bucks Of Gasoline * 10 The Chase * 11 The Summit

RATING: 85/100

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Every second year or so, House Of Lords deliver a new album just like clockwork. They’ve been very consistent with delivery and quality since resuming back in 2004 or thereabouts. Musically, it’s still a templated brand of melodic hard rock with a touch of pomp, and even without a dedicated keyboardist they can still get their point across in terms of laser guided melodies and tiered intricate arrangements.

The Songs

So, with this latest effort, is there a meaning to the album title? Is there more than meets the eye? Considering it’s 2020 and the world we live in is under siege. Who knows. As I see it, I find this album to be not as over-produced as previous albums. Less fat, more muscle and sinew.

Of the eleven tracks, I can only detect four outright rockers, the remainder sits in that mid-tempo region. ‘One More’ and ‘The Both Of Us’ are two of those, ‘The Chase’ and ‘The Summit’ are the other two at the far end of the album. There are various pockets of interest on the other songs but you do have to go searching for them.

In Summary

It goes without saying, House Of Lords know how to deliver on consistency, and you’ll find it here once again.


The Both Of Us

House Of Lords - "The Both Of Us" (Official Music Video)

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New World New Eyes

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