Exposure - Matter Of Time

Exposure – Matter Of Time

91 / 100

Released years later were Utah based female fronted Exposure, who deliver a poppy brand of AOR carried by two keyboard playing brothers.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Exposure
ALBUM: Matter Of Time
LABEL: Metallic Blue Records
SERIAL: 55065-2
YEAR: 2020
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Andi Schopper – vocals * Allan Betz – keyboards, synths * Fred Betz – synth bass, keyboards * Dane Rinehart – guitars * Ron Thompson – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Matter Of Time * 02 Love Minus One * 03 Nature Of The Beast * 04 Soft Machine * 05 One By One * 06 Take Me Away * 07 Don’t Let It Show * 08 No Dice * 09 Take Me * 10 Dream Child

RATING: 85/100



Dontcha just love these obscure releases from the far flung 80’s? I do, and I can’t get enough of them, it just goes to show where my heart and mind is – musically. Kudos to new label Metallic Blue Records for showing some love to this rarity, and a bunch of other long-lost bands which we’ve highlighted just recently on another thread at Glory Daze.

Given love and attention years later were Utah based female-fronted Exposure, who deliver a poppy brand of AOR, exemplified by having two keyboard playing brothers Fred and Allan Betz (previously with the band Eastour Island). It’s a product of its time, that’s for sure.

The Songs

This reissue is made up of two sessions. The first half of these songs came from Exposure’s private cassette-only 5-track EP ‘Matter Of Time’ released in 1985 on Aircastle Records. Track 6 ‘Take Me Away’ was an additional track, the remaining tracks 7-10 originally came out in 1983 when the band were known as Nightlife.

Exposure’s strengths lie in the aforementioned dual keyboard overload of the Betz brothers, the powerful pipes of Andi Schopper and some abrasive guitar from Dale Rinehart, who plays on the first five tracks. It all comes together on what is a varied selection of material.

Check out that massive blanket of synths on the title track ‘Matter Of Time’. I was reminded of Canadian pompsters Everest, great start. ‘Love Minus One’ best represents Exposure’s poppy radio-friendly brand, the synth solo is a bit killer too. ‘Nature Of The Beast’ features upfront guitar playing, giving this track a bit more beef. ‘Soft Machine’ is a mellower affair, though there are some rolling and rumbling drum parts to be found within. ‘One By One’ continues the pop-rock delivery with vocals and keyboards taking center stage.

‘Take Me Away’ is a typical female led pop rocker, pleasant enough reminding me of mid 80’s Quarterflash. ‘Don’t Let It Show’ is the album’s change-up moment, which is best described as theatrical pomp. So reference points such as Saga, Cinema Face and Zon come into play. I kid you not!

‘No Dice’ is a cross between jazz/vocal and pop. This is more of a vocal workout for Andi rather than an emphasis on keyboards. ‘Take Me’ hints at a Pat Benatar style though the vocals are a female/male duet. The last of the 1983 era tracks is ‘Dream Child’, with a bunch of sticky early 80’s era synths which adds to its overall charm.

In Summary

After the release of ‘Matter Of Time’, they continued gigging but frustrations appeared, the band prompted by the Betz brothers opted for a change in direction which saw the departure of Schopper and Rineheart. The new lineup was very short-lived, and with Schopper’s return to Kansas, there endeth the Exposure story. Good to see this released last year, considering it coincided with the band’s 35th anniversary. May we see further releases like this from labels like Metallic Blue. More please.


Matter Of Time

Exposure - Matter Of Time

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