Helker - Deja Vu

Helker – Deja Vu


Argentinian band Helker are hi-octane, and vocally dominated, much like Vicious Rumors and Helstar. This is a Spanish language release.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Helker
ALBUM: Deja Vu
YEAR: 2020
CD REISSUE: No listing on Discogs

LINEUP: Aaron Baigla – vocals * Mariano Rios – guitars * Leo Aristu – guitars * Lucas Garay Basualdo – bass * Hernan Coronel – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Viento y Fuego * 02 Lo Que Queiros Ser * 03 Contra la Corriente * 04 Golpe por Golpe * 05 En Mis Suenos * 06 Basurero Nuclear * 07 Sueno o Realidad * 08 Suenos * 09 Castillo de Cristal * 10 Falsos Profetas * 11 ¿Dónde Estarás * 12 It’s My Life (Bon Jovi cover) * 13 Volverte a Ver (2018)



The last time we looked at the Argentine band Helker was back in 2017, courtesy of their ‘Fire Soul’ CD released on AFM Records as an English language album. It was a great slice of loud and proud metal and we duly gave it good marks.

Since then, Helker have left AFM, lost their singer Diego Valdez though did manage a self-released album in 2019 called ‘Metamorfosis’. They are now signed to BV Music, a label I know nothing about, and this latest album comes through their channel.

The Songs

By the looks of it, this album is a mix of new and older Helker material. Some tracks appear on the 2017 Spanish language album ‘Alma De Fuego’ (Soul of Fire, or Firesoul). The band are hi-octane, and vocally dominated much like Vicious Rumors and Helstar. Aaron Baigla has a very commanding voice. The guitar work of Rios and Aristu is cutting, chainsaw like in places.

In Summary

Helker’s website is no longer active, though their Facebook page is still up. Much of the album you can hear on YouTube or Google Search. It was released on Dec 18th 2020 so it became a late Christmas present for long time fans of the band. Metalnauts feel free to check it out.


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Viento y Fuego

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