Dynazty - Final Advent

Dynazty – Final Advent


Returning in 2022 with album no.8 are Swedish melodic metal favourites Dynazty.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Dynazty
ALBUM: Final Advent
LABEL: AFM Records
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Nils Molin – lead vocals * Rob Love Magnusson – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals * Mike Laver – guitars * Jonathan Olsson – bass, backing vocals * George Egg – drums, backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Power Of Will * 02 Advent * 03 Natural Born Killer * 04 Yours * 05 All The Devils Are Here * 06 The White * 07 Instinct * 08 Heart Of Darkness * 09 Achilles Heel * 10 Power Of Now

RATING: Score of 85%



Returning in 2022 with album #8 are Swedish melodic metal favourites Dynazty. Actually, it wasn’t that long ago that we wrote about their prior album: 2020’s ‘The Dark Delight’, but it’s always a good day to see a new album from this lot. Since I heard the sound bytes from this album back in April 2022, I was keen to hear the final result, and here it is.

All of my reviews so far of this band (and yes, I’ve reviewed every album since 2009’s debut) has mentioned how melodic and heavy these guys are. I also pointed out that ‘The Dark Delight’ was slightly different than previous albums due to the change up of songs onboard, which was surprising but also quite welcome.

Dynazty Band pic 2022

The Songs

So with ‘Final Advent’ are we back to a full guns blazing style? In parts yes, while the combination of speed, flash, heaviness and modern trancey styles are all still there. So if a hybrid of Amaranthe and Metalite (albeit without the female vocals) is your thing then you’re in luck.

Leading off with ‘Power Of Will’, you’ll get no surprises as the band pick up where they last left. Very fluid and fast moving all round. ‘Advent’ is powered by a stomping rhythm section and a growling vocal delivery from Nils. ‘Natural Born Killer’might appear to be a tough affair both musically and lyrically but it isn’t really. It’s quite a hooky tune though not quite singalong..lol. ‘Yours’ is the first change-up track, a very heavy and melodic power ballad that ticks all my boxes.

‘All The Devils Are Here’ settles for the middle ground, not overly heavy, nor fast but not lacking for anything either if truth be told. ‘The White’ is a tear-off from the Dynazty template, though one can also detect a slight operatic tinge for something different. ‘Instinct’ with its chugging guitars, windswept imagery and anthem like vocals is tailor made music from the Nordic North.

Heading into the final third of the album now, ‘Heart Of Darkness’ delivers more trademark melodic metal from these talented Swedes, while penultimate track ‘Achilles Heel’ drops the tempo in favour of an Eastern theme similar to Blue Murder. Last track ‘Power Of Now’ concludes things with a flurry, the twin guitar work dominates this track, but everything is kept in balance too.

In Summary

With Nils Molin other band Amaranthe now in hiatus, he has more time up his sleeve for Dynazty one would think. While on the subject of Amaranthe, guitarist Olof Mörck has returned to prog metal space cadets Dragonland, their latest album now out on AFM Records during 2022. A review of that will follow. Both bands as always get a hearty GDM endorsement.



DYNAZTY - Advent (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

DYNAZTY - Yours (2022) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

Natural Born Killer
DYNAZTY - Natural Born Killer (2022) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

The White
DYNAZTY - The White (2022) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

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