Lockhart - No Chance (Ep)

Lockhart – No Chance (EP)

87 / 100

Lockhart are a new Canadian project from Toronto, yes its 80’s AOR but the trio have prior careers based on heavy metal, read on..

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Lockhart
ALBUM: No Chance EP
LABEL: Self Released / Bandcamp
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Devon – vocals, guitars, synths * Jason – bass * Fabio – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 No Chance In Heaven * 02 Under Fire * 03 Just Can’t Wait

RATING: Score Of 80%
WEBLINKS: Bandcamp Page


An interesting new Canadian project has hit the media in the last week, they come from Toronto and they are called Lockhart, yes its 80’s AOR but the trio have prior careers based on heavy metal.

Singer and guitarist Devon (aka Devon Kerr) was previously with the metal band Axxiom while bassist Jason (aka Jason Decay) has a lengthy and continuous career with metal merchants Cauldron. Italian drummer Fabio (aka Fabio Alessandrini) has the most notable recent history, playing with the likes of Annihilator, Bonfire and also Enemy Eyes, the new band of Johnny Gioeli who have just released their new record for Frontiers SRL.

The Songs

An interesting lineup huh? The three songs presented here could be considered a showcase of what Lockhart has to offer, and from an AOR and melodic rock perspective that would be considerable. My guess is that the trio have never professionally delved into this kind of music previously judging by their track record, so the motives remain unclear.

Still, I’m liking what I’m hearing. ‘No Chance In Heaven’ gives us an idea as to what Lockhart are all about. There seems to be more keyboards than guitars in the mix. ‘Under Fire’ has a sound similar to The Magnificent‘s opening track ‘Holding On To Your Love’, but not enough to be a complete copycat. ‘Just Can’t Wait’ is probably the pick of the bunch for me, slightly more uptempo, chugging guitars and a motherlode of keyboards blanketing it all. Fine by me I say.

In Summary

Moving forward, I would suggest some additional focus in the areas of lead guitar and backing vocals. As this is a showcase, I’m thinking an outside producer could work wonders too, but ostensibly, it’s still only early days.

By all accounts, the trio are working on a full length album beyond this EP. Who knows, there might be some interested parties who might want to take up the challenge, but I seriously doubt it will be a label from North America. Europe more likely. Go ahead and prove me right oh record industry.


No Chance In Heaven

No Chance in Heaven

Under Fire
Under Fire

Just Can’t Wait
Just Can't Wait

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