Captain Black Beard - Neon Sunrise

Captain Black Beard – Neon Sunrise


Now up to album 6 and signed to a new label, one hopes that Captain Black Beard have found a new launching pad into the future.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Captain Black Beard
ALBUM: Neon Sunrise
LABEL: Mighty Music
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Martin Holsner – vocals * Christian Ek, Daniel Krakowski – guitars * Robert Majd – bass * Vinnie Stromberg – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Flamenco * 02 We’re The Forgiven * 03 Physical * 04 Moment Of Truth * 05 Wasted Heart * 06 Night Reaction * 07 Chains Of Love * 08 Burning Daylight * 09 Break (Into Forever) * 10 Invincible * 11 State Of Denial * 12 Neon Sunrise

RATING: Score of 90%



This Swedish outfit have been around awhile, and have jumped all over the record label landscape since their 2011 debut. That could be construed as good (in that they’re still around) or bad (inconsistent in that they’ve moved so often). However, they must be doing something right as Captain Black Beard are still out there doing their thing, black leathers and all.

Dave T reviewed their prior 2030 album ‘Sonic Forces’ to good acclaim, comparing them to fellow Swedes The Night Flight Orchestra, H.E.A.T. and Brother Firetribe. Chuck in a bit of synthwave inspired colour and maybe we’ve got this band wrapped up in one? Err not quite.

Captain Black Beard Band pic 2022

The Songs

I find the material here to be quite energetic, definitely the tempo is upbeat without giving the metronome an aural challenge, unlike some other Swedish bands that I know of. Captain Black Beard kinda hit the middle ground of melodic rock, big on catchy tunes, strong choruses and a small sprinkling of keys without being saccharine inducing. There are many bands from the Nordic North who are similarly inclined and you can read about them here at GDM.

Highlights include the opener ‘Flamenco’, all without a Spanish guitar in sight, the anthemic ‘Wasted Heart’ plus the crushing melodic rock of ‘Night Reaction’. None of the twelve songs outstay their welcome, all hovering within that 4 minute range except for the ending title track ‘Neon Sunrise’ which is an acoustic outtro. A few repeat plays of this album will not go amiss, I assure you.

In Summary

Now up to album #6 and signed to Danish label Mighty Mouse, one can hope that Captain Black Beard have found a home that can be their launching pad into the future. As far as I’m concerned, these guys have a lot going for them still.



CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD - Flamenco (official video)

Wasted Heart
CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD - Wasted Heart (official video)

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