Raider - Runaway

Raider – Runaway


Raider are coming at you all the way from South Wales, with cheesy 80’s dress threads and a logo lifted from the Winger art dept? Lol.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Raider
ALBUM: Runaway
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Mike Platt – vocals * James Went – lead guitar, production * Marc Campbell – rhythm guitar * Alex Rhys Evans – keyboards * Jon Winter – bass * Stephen Symonds – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Dusk Til Dawn * 02 High Speed Woman * 03 Runaway * 04 Come And Get It * 05 Feel The Night * 06 We Had Tonight * 07 Sidewinder * 08 Changes * 09 Memories * 10 Give It All You Got

RATING: Score of 90%



Raider are a newish glam/hair metal band coming at you all the way from South Wales, sporting some cheesy 80’s dress threads plus a logo that’s surely been lifted from the Winger art department? Lol. Despite these misgivings, I’m prepared to give these guys a listen, because not only the UK, but the world is in short supply of glam metal bands right now (Midnite City notwithstanding).

Raider Band pic 2022

The Songs

‘Dusk Til Dawn’ is a choice opener, sounding like a funtime version of Marcello Vestry, I kid you not. In fact I’d say that singer Mike Platt’s vocal work is a clone of Frank Vestry so that’s saying something. ‘High Speed Woman’ lifts the aggression, more of a high speed rocker with an overload of guitar noodling.

We’re back into it with the title track ‘Runaway’ and by now I’m hooked. The riffs are engaging while Platt hits the high notes with ease. Loving it. ‘Come And Get It’ takes the anthem route, whereas ‘Feel The Night’ is the album’s sort-of but not quite ballad moment. Raider kick back into high-gear with ‘We Had Tonight’, a classy affair with big stacked vocals to boot.

‘Sidewinder’ doesn’t capture the same energy as other songs, the strange drum mix and use of organ makes this sound like a different band altogether. Order is restored with ‘Changes’, chugging guitars and the Bowie like vocal stutter on the chorus are a standout. ‘Memories’ is like Marcello Vestry lite, and we all know how good that 2008 album was. ‘Give It All You Got’ is an apt songtitle, Raider doing exactly what the title says.

In Summary

Raider had previously released an EP in 2020 called ‘Tokyo’ but with a different lineup excluding Evans, Platt and Campbell who continued on to this current lineup. The band are not represented by any record label presently and have released ‘Runaway’ through Bandcamp. A really decent effort and a surprising enjoyable listen. I hope this band lands a deal somewhere, they are that good.


Dusk Til Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn

Raider - Runaway

We Had Tonight
We Had Tonight

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