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Frontiers SRL have been giving About Us – a band from the easternmost part of India some much deserving attention. These guys are really talented!

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: About Us
ALBUM: About Us
LABEL: Frontiers SRL
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Sochan Kikon – vocals * Renlamo Lotha – guitars * Pona Kikon – guitars * Soren Kikon – bass * Renbomo Yanthan – keyboards * Yanni Ennie – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Right Now * 02 Gimme Gimme * 03 Lead My Heart * 04 Our Fairyland * 05 Loaded Love * 06 Rock On Top * 07 Rose * 08 Golden Troops * 09 Open Your Heart * 10 Love And Affection (Bonus)

RATING: Score Of 85%



Frontiers SRL have been giving About Us – a band from the far flung easternmost part of India – some much deserving attention. These guys are really talented! Just how a band of this quality is playing our favourite genres of rock from their remote part of the world is a mystery.

The band are from the Nagaland province, which is east of Bangladesh, north of Myanmar and south of the Himalayas. it’s sort of in the middle of no mans land really, but don’t tell About Us that fact, as they have suddenly become their province’s most famous international export by the looks of things.

About Us Band Pic 2022

The Songs

Frontiers SRL have scored a coup by signing this band and exposing them to the world. I’m sure there will be more than a few punters raising their eyebrows and getting their headphones ready for this aural assault. Their songs run the gamut of different genres. Out and out metal as with ‘Golden Troops’, commercial and radio friendly pop rock as heard on ‘Loaded Love’, or the delicate piano ballad of ‘Open Your Heart’.

But it’s the heavier slabs of melodic rock which impress, as I’m sure it did the guys in the Frontiers front office. The opening pair of ‘Right Now’ and ‘Gimme Gimme’ are the undoubted highlights for me, the voice of Sochan is off the scale at times. However, I found the pair of ‘Lead My Heart’ and ‘Our Fairyland’ not quite at the same level or power.

In Summary

Is the world ready for this intrepid group of budding rockers? I hope so, and let’s hope the boys from Nagaland don’t get overwhelmed by the attention soon to come their way. For me I enjoy a taste of the exotic, this extends to my music tastes too, with About Us having served up a reasonable first dish but knowing that improvements and refinement will come in future.


Right Now

About Us - "Right Now" - Official Music Video

Gimme Gimme
About Us - "Gimme Gimme" - Official Music Video

Loaded Love
Loaded Love

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