Hot Crazy - Private Jet (EP)

Hot Crazy – Private Jet (EP)


Hot Crazy’s ‘Private Jet’ is 15 minutes of fun and entertainment that touches on some of GDM’s past favourites from yester-decade.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Hot Crazy
ALBUM: Private Jet (EP)
LABEL: Sex On Wheels Entertainment
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Carl Biehn – vocals *Jordan Ziff – guitars * Robby Creasy – bass * Jake Dick – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Private Jet * 02 The Top * 03 Gospel * 04 Manly In Heels

RATING: Score of 85%



From Los Angeles, this quartet came to life during and after the Covid era, and have struck some appeal with their unique blend of 70’s through 90’s hard rock, along with the glam and glitter imagery. Here’s how one website describes them:

“The combination of Queen-Esque grandiose vocals and turn-of-the-century pop-rock muscle..” – Celebmix.

That’s certainly the impression I got from listening to this EP, if you can look past the glam image you’ll hear a band that could have been sprung from the nu-breed era between 1997-2003 but with a few extra hard rock elements added to their kitbag.

Hot Crazy Band pic 2022

The Songs

Released in August 2022, this is a brief 4 track EP, which, isn’t groundbreaking stylistically, but that’s not going to matter to GDM readers anyway who much prefer and still revel in past glories. They’ve got a sharp sound, the vocalist Carl Beihn is the owner of a super voice which complements the rest of the band perfectly.

I love the announcer/voice intro to ‘Hot Crazy Airlines’ which sets this EP on the way, by the way its not credited on the EP as it’s a spoken word intro at 1min 26sec. ‘Private Jet’ the track soon takes off, the mellow acoustic entry making way for a crisp sharp rocker straight out of 2001.

‘The Top’ pulls no punches either, a hedonistic romp about living life at the top. The sax solo was an unusual point of difference. ‘Gospel’ features a slinky southern bluesy intro, this song held in restraint for the most part, definitely kept within the southern rock genre, the song title should be a giveaway. ‘Manly In Heels’ is the send-up of the EP, a bit of tongue in cheek humour, check the video below.

In Summary

All in all, Hot Crazy’s ‘Private Jet’ represents 15 minutes of fun and light hearted entertainment that touches on some of GDM’s past favourites from yester-decade. Find them on Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer should you be signed up to any of those platforms. Enjoy your flight and thank you for travelling Hot Crazy Airlines!


Manly In Heels

Hot Crazy - Manly In Heels (Official Music Video)

Private Jet
Private Jet

The Top
The Top

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