Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos

Def Leppard – Diamond Star Halos

89 / 100

Whatever the case you’re not missing anything if you choose to pass ‘Diamond Star Halos’ up, another forgettable entry in Def Leppard’s catalogue.

Written by: Dangerzone

ARTIST: Def Leppard
ALBUM: Diamond Star Halos
LABEL: UMC (Universal Music Catalog)
SERIAL: 3894511
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Joe Elliot – lead vocals * Phil Collen, Vivian Campbell – guitars, backing vocals * Rick Savage – bass, backing vocals * Rick Allen – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Take What You Want * 02 Kick * 03 Fire It Up * 04 This Guitar * 05 SOS Emergency * 06 Liquid Dust * 07 U Rok Mi * 08 Goodbye For Good This Time * 09 All We Need * 10 Open Your Eyes * 11 Gimme A Kiss * 12 Angels (Can’t Help You Now) * 13 Lifeless * 14 Unbreakable * 15 From Here To Eternity

RATING: Score Of 40%



Is there anyone who still gets excited at the prospect of a new Def Leppard album? You can count me out. I wasn’t even aware of this album until a month after its release when it showed up as a suggestion on Spotify. This platter comes seven years after their long forgotten self-titled effort in 2015, the band still taking an eternity to release new music.

That’s old news at this stage, just like the 80’s where they amassed their success. After all the band hasn’t really released anything of worth in more than two decades, still relying on their stale classics apparently. Like their last effort there’s 15 songs to digest and I dare anyone to try and consume them all in one sitting.

Def Leppard Band Pic 2022

The Songs

Musically the band alternates between their vintage sound and more modern musings, the inevitable mixture a staple on their albums. ‘Fire It Up’ is an obvious nod to the ‘Hysteria’ days, much like the opening pair of ‘Take What You Want’ and ‘Kick.’ The nauseating ballad ‘This Guitar’ features guest vocals from Alison Krauss, the band trying to copy Robert Plant it seems.

Collen throws up two consecutive duds in the form of ‘Liquid Dust’ and the appallingly titled ‘U Rok Mi’ and it’s horrific to consider there’s still another nine songs left. The orchestral ballad ‘Goodbye For Good This Time’ explores some type of Beatles fetish, while the lightweight rocker ‘All We Need’ is as uninspiring as its title.

Predictably Def Leppard revert back to the 80’s on ‘Gimme A Kiss’ as the insipid blending of styles continues. Yet another ballad appears with ‘Angels (Can’t Help You Now)’ and I can’t help but wonder who this appeals to in 2022. ‘Lifeless’ is another dull collaboration with Krauss and an apt summary of this album. Sadly ‘From Here To Eternity’ isn’t a cover of the Iron Maiden classic, but yet another dreary mid-tempo cut with zero energy or heaviness. That in fact sums up Def Leppard this century so far.

In Summary

Did this album really happen or is it a figment of my imagination? Like most latter-day Def Leppard efforts it’s come and gone in the blink of an eye, bombing commercially as the band took their place on a recent stadium tour with fellow veterans Motley Crue, Poison and Joan Jett. The band played three tracks from this album nightly, which I suspect were treated with derision by aging punters eager to hear ‘Love Bites’ for the 8000th time. Whatever the case you’re not missing anything if you choose to pass ‘Diamond Star Halos’ up, another forgettable entry in Def Leppard’s catalogue.



DEF LEPPARD - “Kick” (Official Audio)

Take What You Want (Live Jimmy Kimmel)
Def Leppard - Take What You Want (Live On Jimmy Kimmel Live! / 2022)

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