Rich Kosak - Bleeding Heart

Rich Kosak – Bleeding Heart/Celestial Guy


The two tracks on show here from Rich Kosak are both splendid examples of late 70’s/early 80’s American Hard Rock.

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ARTIST: Rich Kosak
ALBUM: Bleeding Heart/Celestial Guy (Singles)
LABEL: Self Released
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Rich Kosak – all vocals and instruments

TRACK LISTING: Bleeding Heart * Celestial Guy


WEBLINKS: Site Link | FB Page


Rich Kosak has for a quarter of a century been the leader of the ultimate KISS tribute band Mr Speed, drawing admiration from many notables none more so than ex KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick, but he felt that the time was right to spread his musical wings and go it alone, although he’s not giving up his Mr Speed gig any time soon.

The two tracks on show here are both splendid examples of late 70’s/early 80’s American Hard Rock. Rich makes no secret of his love for bands such as KISS of course, Heart, Boston, Stryper and many others from that classic period.

Rich Kosak Band pic 2021

The Songs

‘Bleeding Heart’ features Rich on lead guitar and vocals and alongside him are Gary Shea (New England, Alcatrazz) on bass and John Humphrey (Seether, The Nixons) on drums and it’s a pulsating cut with a quite irresistible, tempting hook.

‘Celestial Guy’ is Rich’s homage to the original space cadet Ace Frehley and after the ‘Close Encounters’ intro we’re treated to an exquisite slice of mature US rock music, once more featuring John Humphrey on drums but with Rich handling the bass this time. A ‘deeper’ cut most certainly yet still retaining its raunchiness with, it has to be said a fascinating subtlety to it for good measure.

In Summary

Rich aims to record more original material in the near future with hopefully a full album release at some point, and with material as good as this ‘in the can’, an album’s worth would be most welcome. Check out the links below and find out more about Rich Kosak and his work.



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