Starcastle - Concert Classics Vol 5

Starcastle – Concert Classics Vol 5


An albums worth of live material pulled out of the misty closets of time, from Illinois’ favourite prog rockers Starcastle.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Starcastle
ALBUM: Concert Classics Vol 5
LABEL: Renaissance Records
YEAR: 1999

LINEUP: Terry Lutrell – vocals * Stephen Hagler – guitars, vocals * Matthew Stewart – guitars, vocals * Herb Schildt – organ, synthesizer, piano * Gary Strater – bass, vocals * Stephen Tassler – drums, percussion, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shine On Brightly * 02 Forces * 03 Can’t Think Twice * 04 Could This Be Love * 05 Change In Time * 06 Lady Of The Lake * 07 Breath And Thunder * 08 Fountains Of Light



An albums worth of live material pulled out of the misty closets of time, from Illinois’ favourite prog rockers Starcastle. Though this particular album got a posthumous release of sorts during 1999, the thing was actually recorded in their heyday, during early 1978.

Taking their lead from their undoubted influence: UK outfit Yes, Starcastle strived to emulate their British counterparts, and were without doubt the closest thing America came to replicating them.

The Songs

All the classics are here, including a few of my favourites off the fantastic ‘Citadel’ album, namely ‘Shine On Brightly’ and the very commercial ‘Could This Be Love’. The over-extended pieces of ‘Forces’ and ‘Lady Of The Lake’ taken from the debut are a reminder of what true 70’s progressive music was all about. ‘Fountains’ is another chance to hear Schildt’s keyboard dexterity in a live context.

I suppose the major interest for Starcastle fans is the appearance of the previously unheard ‘Breath And Thunder’, which does tend to ebb and flow. The sci-fi synthesizer effects and arpeggio sequences through the middle are an interesting assortment. Like something off a movie. Very cool, and I’m sure Herb had been listening to someone like Moogy Klingman (from Utopia) for suitable inspiration.

In Summary

As most of you aware, Starcastle are now back in operation. ‘Chronos 1’ released during 2001 was a collection of older material, with some new stuff earmarked for release during 2002. Isn’t that right Eric? We’re all looking forward to it. In the meantime, go gather the back collection of their discography.

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