Sun City Kings - Enjoy The Ride

Sun City Kings – Enjoy The Ride

85 / 100

For those who like that earthy 70’s heavy groove rock, then the Sun City Kings will help satisfy your aural demand in no short supply.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Sun City Kings
ALBUM: Enjoy The Ride
LABEL: Buzz Records
YEAR: 1999
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List


LINEUP: Don Stacy – vocals, guitars * Roger Eaker – keyboards, vocals * Robert Van Duren – bass * Johnny Scott – drums, vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Another Rain Song * 02 Standing Ovation * 03 Wishing Well * 04 Straight Line * 05 Deja Vu * 06 Lonely Sunday * 07 Kingpin * 08 Rusty Shack



This is a North Carolina based outfit, who’ve played the local circuit for a few years and continue today. Their key weapon is lead singer and guitarist Don Stacy. For those who like that earthy 70’s heavy groove rock, then the Sun City Kings will help satisfy your aural demand in no short supply.

They have a lot in common with some of the roster on the Record Heaven label: bands like Lotus, Moxy and Vic Lecar’s Blue Moon for example, whereby the heavy Bonham-like drum sound works a treat. Thought it has a smoky southern flavour, it also has a certain element of commercialness too.

The Songs

Just take a listen to very ‘big’ tracks like ‘Kingpin’, with it’s smokin’ guitar attack, or the Hendrix riff happy ‘Deja Vu’. Check out the rampant wah wah pedals on this one. Even Randy Hansen would be hard pressed to keep up with Don..

‘Rusty Shack’ is a superb slow burner, but with enough southern vibe and attitude to power their hometown of Charlotte for a good few years. ‘Wishing Well’ is another hard rockin’ affair, while ‘Standing Ovation’ grinds away with melodic intent. One of my faves is the radio friendly ‘Another Rain Song’, where Don Stacy’s vocals are impassioned to the point where he could do wonders in drought stricken areas of the world.

In Summary

Altogether a hidden jewel in the quagmire of MP3.COM artists just waiting to be found. Since the release of this album, Brad Draper has come in for Van Duren, and still the Sun City Kings story continues. A band with a lot of talent, and one who are keeping the classic guitar rock tradition alive.

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