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Bam Bam Boys – Bam Bam Boys

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So, an epitaph then, that Riverside Records is able to get the Bam Bam Boys release out in 1999 some ten years after the songs were recorded.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Bam Bam Boys
ALBUM: Bam Bam Boys
LABEL: Riverside Records
YEAR: 1999
SPONSOR: Riverside Records
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Matti Alfonzetti – vocals * Goran Elmquist – guitars * Gunnar Hallin – bass * Freddy Von Gerber – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 I Believe In Rock ‘n’ Roll * 02 Prisoner * 03 Let Me Touch Your Skin * 04 Susanne * 05 Dancing On Top Of The World * 06 Angel * 07 In Motion * 08 Stay Alive * 09 Heart To Heart * 10 White Lies * 11 Someday * 12 Take My Soul


Finally, an album that gets to see the light of day. The Bam Bam Boys were touted as potentially one of Sweden’s best hard rock exports around about the time that Swedish colleagues such as Europe, Treat, 220 Volt and Alien were making inroads into the melodic rock scene in the late 80’s.

How these guys missed the ‘success boat’ defies logic. Everything was in their favour, with accolades from fans, press and the industry forthcoming. But that elusive last hurdle could not be breached, and subsequently the Bam Bam Boys let it slide and moved onto other things.

Some of the members came from other Swedish outfits: Von Gerber from Easy Action, Hallin from longtime Swedish hard rock stalwarts Neon Rose while Alfonzetti made his name after the demise of BBB with UK bands Jagged Edge and Skintrade.

So, an epitaph then, that Riverside Records is able to get this release out in 1999 some ten years after the songs were recorded. For those of us who have the Bam Bam Boys pre-production demos in their tape collection feel a sigh of relief this is out on CD at long last.

The Songs

Perhaps one of the strengths of the band are Alfonzetti’s vocals, which all throughout the album are a magic cross between Riverdogs Rob Lamothe and Wall Of Silence‘s Brian Malone.

Things kick off with ‘I Believe In Rock ‘n’ Roll’ which has got that Easy Action vibe happening throughout. ‘Prisoner’ is a straight ahead rocker followed up by their classic west coast flavoured ballad ‘Let Me Touch Your Skin’. This is gorgeous AOR, I wish I could sing this well.

We move back into Easy Action territory with the track ‘Susanne’ where you’d swear Tommy Nilsson was guesting on vocals. ‘Someday’ sounds like it could quite easily grace any Time Gallery album such is its west coast type of sound.

‘Dancing On Top Of The World’ is a very anthemic rocker whereas ‘Angel’ sort of sputters along until the bridge and solo section where Elmquist’s guitar suddenly fires up a la Danny Jacob (Signal). ‘In Motion’ swings in the same direction to the aforementioned Wall Of Silence as does the pulsing attack of ‘Stay Alive’.

The hackneyed song title ‘Heart To Heart’ could easily be an Alien song, ‘White Lies’ has a chorus not unlike Mammoth‘s ‘Dark Star’ (anyone remember that one?) while the album closer ‘Take My Soul’ is a rock/blues workout that Bad Company circa Paul Rodgers would be proud of.

In Summary

As you can see, there are a raft of influences here, both European as well as North American. It is no wonder then that Journey‘s Manager Herbie Herbert was at one stage keen on signing the band to his roster. What a pity this didn’t happen. However, I will rest in the knowledge that this is now available. For you keen collectors, get in touch with the guys at Riverside Records.

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