Kick - Consider This

Kick (UK) – Consider This..

82 / 100

Overall this is an excellent first outing for Kick. There are some stunning moments throughout that are lifted even higher by a fantastic production.

Written by: Luigi

ALBUM: Consider This ..
LABEL: Beast (UK)
YEAR: 1999
CD INFO: Discogs Info


LINEUP: Nick Workman – vocals * Mikey J – bass, guitars, vocals * Chris Jones – guitars, vocals * Olli Cunningham – keyboards * Adam Schunker – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Up Close And Personal * 02 Children Of The Sun * 03 Consider This.. * 04 Victory Dance * 05 Lets Make Love Tonight * 06 Another Crazy Summer Night * 07 Breathless * 08 Whispers In The Dark * 09 Streets Of Shame * 10 Bird Of Paradise * 11 Blue



I would like to know where the hell these guys have been hiding because this album is a little corker. Kick was formed from the remnants of British band Freefall, who released a couple of albums in their own right.

‘Consider This..’ is Kick’s debut on Beast Records, the label founded by Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris. Style comparisons that can be made are fellow UK acts Gun, Thunder, and Skin with very catchy, harmony laden choruses.

The Songs

‘Up Close and Personal’ cranks things up from the outset with major attitude. ‘Children of the Sun’ begins slowly then builds to a memorable chorus, unlike title track ‘Consider this’ that rocks like no tomorrow from start to finish. Great song. ‘Blue’ is a quality rock ballad, then its back to another awesome, fiery rocker ‘Victory Dance’.

‘Another Crazy Summer Night’ begs to be played driving along the coastal road, top down and stereo turned up to 11. ‘Whispers in the Dark’ is a lighters-in-the-air type ballad that builds into a strong chorus. ‘Streets Of Shame’ and ‘Bird of Paradise’ are two magnificent rockers that are full of life and are punctuated by massive choruses and searing guitar solos.

Mixed in with the previously mentioned tracks are ‘Let’s Make Love Tonight’ and ‘Breathless’. These songs were previously released on Freefall‘s ‘Rebel Hard’ album. I would have preferred to have a couple more originals have included, as these two songs don’t really fit with the newer tracks.

In Summary

Overall this is an excellent first outing for Kick. There are some stunning moments throughout that are lifted even higher by a fantastic production. On ‘Consider this..’ Kick show they are a tight, classy outfit with Nick Workman giving a stellar performance on lead vocals. This quintet deserve much more attention than they’ve been receiving, especially when they release such high calibre rock as this.

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