Michael Sciuto - Edge

Michael Sciuto – Edge


Re-released in 1999 by AOR Heaven, ‘Edge’ has its origins in 1989 when Michael Sciuto was living in L.A. Nearest comparison would be Michael Morales.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Michael Sciuto
LABEL: 7th Floor Records
YEAR: 1999
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Michael Sciuto – lead voals, bass, keyboards, lead guitars * Tony Sciuto – lead guitars, backing vocals * Taso Kotsos – drums * Vicki Childs – backing vocals

Additional Musicians: David Prater, Jon Schwartz – drums * Don Jackson – keyboards * Tony Phillip – lead guitar * DC Mor – samples

TRACK LISTING: 01 Edge * 02 Broken Heart In Paradise * 03 Every Night I Wonder * 04 I Had A Dream Last Night * 05 Perfect Weather * 06 Our Love * 07 Human Race * 08 Art Of Love * 09 Stand By Me * 10 One Love To Give * 11 Livin’ In The 60’s



The other week I picked this up on CD, thanks to our regular Glory Daze Ebay poster aornufc. I am always particularly interested in his auctions, and I thought I might have to go to a very high price to secure this. Thankfully I didn’t, and in the end, I’m pretty pleased to obtain it, after reading somewhere on here (I think it may have been Swazi that mentioned it) as to how good it was. And I would agree.

Though this was re-released in 1999 by AOR Heaven, it actually has its origins in 1989 when multi-instrumentalist Michael Sciuto was living in El-Lay. The nearest comparison I can make would be Michael Morales but really this goes up a notch. The musicianship and lead vocals are top-notch, and yes, this is very 80’s.

The Songs

Michael is paired up with his brother Tony throughout this CD, and it makes for prime-time Glory Daze listening. The lead track ‘Edge’ is a racy number, I’m thinking Mark Spiro in the melodies as well, but overall it’s a very dramatic start.

‘Broken Heart In Paradise’ with it’s Asian styled keyboard run keeps Michael Sciuto in the race, and by now his voice reminds me of someone, though I can’t quite pick it. I obviously listen to far too much of this type of music. ‘I Had A Dream Last Night’ is full of 80’s musical elements. Percussion, hi-tech, hand-claps as examples.

The Michael Morales comparison can best be heard on ‘Perfect Weather’, it’s followed by the ballad ‘Our Love’ which slows things down a heap. ‘Human Race’ is a busy track with sound coming from 360 degrees, ‘Art Of Love’ which follows, brings Sciuto back into the center-lane with prominent synth layers holding it all together. ‘Our Love To Give’ is the second of the ballads; I like this one much better, while the closer ‘Living In The 60’s’ sounds like Michael Sciuto is two decades removed, as it is an 80’s effort for sure.

In Summary

If you try hard enough, this CD can be found out there in the wild. I haven’t seen or heard what Michael is doing these days. Maybe someone close to him can persuade to write some more material in this style once more. Wouldn’t that be great.

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