Edge Of Paradise - The Unknown

Edge Of Paradise – The Unknown

87 / 100

Landing recently are the American female fronted progressive metallers Edge Of Paradise, and I can guarantee you they will not remain unknown for much longer.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Edge Of Paradise
ALBUM: The Unknown
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Margarita Monet – lead vocals, piano * Dave Bates – lead guitar * Dave Ruiz – rhythm guitar * Justin Blair – bass * Jamie Moreno – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Digital Paradise * 02 My Method Your Madness * 03 Tidal Wave * 04 The Unknown * 05 Believe * 06 False Idols * 07 You Touch You Die * 08 One Last Time * 09 Leaving Earth * 10 Bound To The Rhythm * 11 My Method Your Madness (bonus, industrial remix)

RATING: Score Of 95%



Landing recently are the American female fronted progressive metallers Edge Of Paradise (EOP), and unlike their album title, I can guarantee you they will not remain unknown for much longer, even if it is their fourth full-length studio album, after starting out in 2011.

Formed by the charasmatic lead singer and focal point Margarita Monet along with guitarist Dave Bates, Edge Of Paradise have soldiered through numerous line-up changes across their four album and two EP arc, with Frontiers Records coming onboard for 2019’s ‘Universe’ album and continuing on with this latest album.

Edge Of Paradise Band Pic 2021

The Songs

Sound wise, Edge Of Paradise conjure up comparisons to Canadians Kobra And The Lotus and Germans Beyond The Black while their lyrics, theme and artistic vision touch on some of the futuristic material that Swedes Amaranthe and Metalife indulge in, but musically those two bands are light years apart from EOP.

The guitars are pretty heavy throughout, with references to bands like Ghost Ship Octavius and Sumerlands for example. Listen to the dreadnought riffing in the opener ‘Digital Paradise’, the song though leaden, moves along with effortlessly.

Rolling drum work introduces ‘My Method Your Madness’, the song featuring a downward spiralling synth amidst Margarita’s soaring vocal. Ms Monet leads from the front with the immense ‘Tidal Wave’. Things go up a notch for the very mystical and atmospheric title track ‘The Unknown’, this is perhaps the album’s epic moment.

‘Believe’ is one of the album’s milder offerings, but no less captivating with a killer chorus. EOP kick it up once more with ‘False Idols’, the track being one of three videos created by the band (see below). I enjoyed ‘You Touch You Die’ full of chugging guitar rhythms and those big wall of vocals that gets me every time.

One Last Time’ presents in an understated way, taking a while to get going, but when it does the result speaks for itself. I love the subject matter on ‘Leaving Earth’, perhaps I watch too much sci-fi on television but when themes like this spill over into the audio realm I’m sold. ‘Bound To The Rhythm’ is the slow burner of the album, and signs off with subtle and rumbling power driving hard to the finish, especially that manic ending sequence.

In Summary

To get the most of Edge Of Paradise, it really needs to be listened under a set of high quality headphones. Believe me when I say the album absolutely comes to life, the production perfectly captures the subtle vocal performance of Ms Monet along with a symphonic backdrop, then combine this with the electric sledgehammer guitar work and you have one super album on your hands. Don’t take my word for it, listen for yourselves.


The Unknown

Edge Of Paradise - "The Unknown" - Official Music Video

Digital Paradise
Edge Of Paradise - "Digital Paradise" - Official Music Video

False Idols
Edge Of Paradise - "False Idols" - Official Video

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