Platinum Overdose - Standing On The Edge Of The Night

Platinum Overdose – Standing On The Edge Of The Night


Third Platinum Overdose album in three consecutive years, and the Glam Metal machine does not stop, for the enjoyment of Rock fans who want their new music made today in 2021.

Written by: Dave T

ARTIST: Platinum Overdose
ALBUM: Standing On The Edge Of The Night
LABEL: DDR Music Group/Tragedy Academy Records
YEAR: 2021


LINEUP: Steve Philbrook – vocals * Rick Mead – guitar * Matt Thorr – guitar * Lance V. – bass

Additional Musicians: Glen W. – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 No Rest For The Wicked * 02 Rock N’ Roll Rodeo * 03 Generation Fire * 04 Tonight Tonight * 05 Not Far Away * 06 Lies * 07 Rebel Heart * 08 Chain Me To Heaven * 09 Scene Of The Crime * 10 Remember Forever

RATING: Score=85%

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Third studio album in as many years for the LA-based Platinum Overdose. By now, you know what you’re going to get. Glam Metal with all the features from the glory days of the genre, namely loud guitars, high-pitched vocals, rebellious lyrics and finely crafted melodies.

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The Songs

A nostalgic atmosphere surrounds the songs and their lyrics that portrait themes like rebellion, good (and not that good) old times, broken dreams, crime and sex; starting from the artwork itself depicting a huge vintage record store and the face-painted girl that grew up in the rock and roll rodeo.

Yet, this is Platinum Overdose’s heaviest album so far, while the melodic quotient is high as ever, if not higher than before.

You can detect instances that recall other bands of the genre the likes of Poison, Black N’ Blue, Motley Crue or Def Leppard. However, overall the album has a strong personality, starting with the golden throat of Philbrook and the sound: loud, proud and pristine at the same time.

I can safely say the band has achieved a unique recognizable sound, a remarkable fact after three strong albums. The introductory instrumental (synths and guitars) ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ leads to the main track ‘Rock N’ Roll Rodeo’ (‘standing on the edge of the night’), where a robotic female voice welcomes us to Hollywood with sixteenth notes chugging riffs, power chords, catchy yet nostalgic melodies and terrific lead/backing vocals.

The guys speed the pace up for ‘Generation Fire’, a song as urgent as its ‘run for your life‘ lyrical references. Going one step further, the cover version of Fort Lauderdale’s band Tuff Luck ‘Tonight Tonight’ (originally released in 1987) is vintage 80s American Metal at its best.

‘Not Far Away’ is one of those addictively melodic midtempos that have become the band’s trademark over time, once again heavy on nostalgic references (‘forever young’, ‘the time has come our way’, ‘bring back to yesterday’).

Just as it had happened with their sophomore last year, the flow of the album is impeccable with the hard-hitting ‘Lies’ following, while ‘Rebel Heart’ (penned by Pretty Boy Floyd‘s Aeriel Stiles) is classic American heavy rock and ‘Chain Me To Heaven’ rivals any good Kiss song from the 80s in riffs and melodies, plus a fantastic chorus.

‘Scene Of The Crime’ includes a few references to the Van Halen sound while the closing song ‘Remember Forever’, written by the late Chester ‘Chuck’ Olsefski from Champagne Suicide (a NYC band Lance V. played drums for in the late 80s/early 90s), has a melodic punk edge a la Michael Monroe.

In Summary

For all the above, I dare say this is Platinum Overdose’s best album so far. The hints at the glory days with a contemporary sound will delight fans of Glam Metal’s finest hour. Several bands have tried to jump into the Glam Metal revival through the years, but I’ve got the gut feeling that these guys are the real deal, they were there, and they have the sound and the songs.

My ears tell me so. For those who have not yet discovered a band like this in 2021, I strongly suggest giving it a try. Platinum Overdose promised an album per year when they formed back in 2019 and they are fulfilling the promise. In addition to that, a covers EP is planned for this very year. Judging by the quality of the covers they’ve been including in their recordings (one by album), I eagerly await their versions collection.


Rock N’ Roll Rodeo

Platinum Overdose - Rock N' Roll Rodeo (Standing On The Edge Of The Night) DDR MUSIC GROUP

Generation Fire
Platinum Overdose - Generation Fire (Standing On The Edge Of The Night) DDR MUSIC GROUP

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