Wildness - Resurrection

Wildness – Resurrection

88 / 100

Come 2022 and its album no. 3 from Swedish melodic rockers Wildness, now signed to Frontiers upon the closure of AOR Heaven earlier this year.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Wildness
ALBUM: Resurrection
LABEL: Frontiers SRL
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Erik Modin – drums, production * Adam Holmstrom – guitars * Pontus Skold – guitars * Marcus Sjösund – bass * Erik Forsberg – vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Nightmare * 02 Release The Beast * 03 Tragedy * 04 Love Resurrection * 05 Best Of Me * 06 The Final Fantasy * 07 Lonely Girl * 08 The One And Only * 09 Fading Sun * 10 Dawn Of Forever * 11 Eternity Will Never Fall

RATING: Score Of 70%



Come 2022 and its album #3 from Swedish melodic rockers Wildness, now signed to Frontiers upon the closure of the AOR Heaven record label earlier this year. After a great start with their 2017 debut, the trail went slightly cold for me when their second attempt ‘Ultimate Demise’ came out in 2020. The band lineup is the same as the second album, so let’s see what changes have occurred (if any) now that they have a new home.

Wildness Band Pic 2022

The Songs

These guys I would consider to be a milder (not wilder eh?) version of Dynazty, quite similar in ways except for the speed, or lack of. Most of their songs work, without dinging that bell inside of your head.

‘Nightmare’ and ‘Best Of Me’ are the two tracks that are front-loaded with keyboards and as a result stand out more for me. ‘Release The Beast’ riffs hard throughout and is a good template for the band. ‘The Final Fantasy’ also operates at the harder end of the spectrum. ‘Lonely Girl’ and ‘Dawn Of Forever’ opt for the ballad end, neither particularly noteworthy.

In Summary

‘Resurrection’ wasn’t a bad album by any means, but it just didn’t set off my wowometer like the debut album did. Maybe I’m a bit burnt-out listening to Swedish stuff lately, or maybe it’s the bias I have against Frontiers releases? But then again they’ve released the excellent Grand album so what would I know.



Wildness - "Tragedy" - Official Music Video

Wildness - "Nightmare" - Official Lyric Video

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