Faith Nation - Ordinary People

Faith Nation – Ordinary People


Wow. What can I say? Faith Nation are an AORsters and pompsters dream, I did not think a US based band could play this sort of music in 1999.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Faith Nation
ALBUM: Ordinary People
LABEL: Sisyphus
SERIAL: 1007
YEAR: 1999
CD REISSUE: CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List
SPONSOR: Banfield Entertainment

LINEUP: James Salters – vocals * Huey Peterson – guitars * Matt McClay – bass * Lewis ‘Stretch’ Sego – keyboards * Brian Owen – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Arms Around The World * 02 Make It Simple * 03 Don’t Leave Me Now * 04 How Can I? * 05 Love Is An Ocean * 06 Ordinary People * 07 On The Water * 08 When The Love Goes Away * 09 Hold On * 10 Free



Wow. What can I say? An AORsters and pompsters dream. I did not think a US based band could play this sort of music considering it’s 1999 and melodic rock apparently doesn’t exist in the vocab of the average American.

Well Faith Nation will go some way to proving the populous wrong? This album is an amalgam of the best there is, both from yesteryear as much as is current. If you love keyboards and guitar crunch, then this one’s for you. Lewis Sego is all over this album like a rash (and he plays Korg keyboards as well.), while the guitar work of Peterson has definite Ken Dubman (Prophet) influences.

Vocalist James Salters you will probably recognise from The Brave‘s 1992 effort ‘Battle Cries’. His singing is similar in parts to Rick (or is it Rik?) Florian, the great White Heart warbler. The sound overall is fantastic melodic rock which to my ears is Artica and Prophet revisited, though in a slightly less dynamic way than both those great bands.

The Songs

Awesome parping keyboards introduce the album with the song ‘Arms Around The World’. It has some delicate time changes before kicking into a chorus which sounded like Flyweil‘s ‘Keep On Dreamin’. No guitar solo here guys, but a great keyboard solo a la Vince DiCola (Storming Heaven, Thread) or Alex Salz (Tour De Force).

‘Make It Simple’ has a Giant feel circa ‘Time To Burn’, which is then followed up by the superb ballad ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’. The production here simmers with class, oh and that chorus, plus 4 part vocal harmonies. ‘How Can I?’ shows off the bands pomp pedigree, demonstrating they can melodically rock with the best of them. ‘Love Is An Ocean’ is a slow builder of a ballad, with the subtle grand piano majestically weaving a soundscape.

The title track ‘Ordinary People’ could be a Storming Heaven track, it’s quite proggy in places, no doubt due to Sego’s past track record plying the Yes, ELP road. A change of pace and style crops up with ‘On The Water’, sounding like White Heart doing a Toto track. An interesting proposition isn’t it?

Another album highlight is ‘Hold On’, an acoustic workout which moves in a similar direction to Joe Pasquale‘s ‘Faith Of An Age’. A warm blanket of keyboards cascades over this song from woe to go. Lovely. The album closer ‘Free’ is also great, ending the way the album started off, full on parping keyboards and bullocking guitars.

In Summary

I am very excited about this album. More so than I have about an album in a long time. Faith Nation have some eargasmic songs on offer here. It’s 1999 and great melodic influences from the glory days are represented within this band who are very much in the present. So far one of the leading lights for this year.

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