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Queensryche - Tribe

Queensryche – Tribe 0 (0)

‘Tribe’ is so far removed from my fond thoughts of Queensryche that I’m numb.

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Dungeon - Resurrection

Dungeon – Resurrection 0 (0)

Resurrection’ is a fine example of melodic power metal, with Dungeon delivering rampant, crushing riffs and scorching lead solo’s.

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Atello - The Big Payoff

Atello – The Big Payoff 0 (0)

The Atello debut release ‘The Big Payoff’ is steeped in the tradition of 80’s U.S hard rock, bringing to mind…

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Defyance - Time Lost

Defyance – Time Lost 0 (0)

Defyance are an American prog/power metal band which leans toward the likes of Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Queensryche and Labyrinth.

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Danny Danzi - Somewhere Lost In Time

Danny Danzi – Somewhere Lost In Time 0 (0)

Danny Danzi has turned out a great example of pumping melodic hard rock that any of the great acts of…

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Kick - Consider This

Kick (UK) – Consider This.. 0 (0)

Overall this is an excellent first outing for Kick. There are some stunning moments throughout that are lifted even higher…

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