Rich Kid Express - Bubblegum Radio

Rich Kid Express – Bubblegum Radio (EP)


Rob Richardson is the orchestra-man behind Rich Kid Express, he was raised on a steady diet of Kiss, Glam Rock, Classic Hard Rock and Bubblegum and the five songs clearly reflect these influences.

Written by: DaveT

ARTIST: Rich Kid Express
ALBUM: Bubblegum Radio EP
LABEL: Squib Kick Records
SERIAL: Digital Release Only. Out on February 21, 2020.
YEAR: 2020


LINEUP: Rob Richardson – vocals, all instruments

TRACK LISTING: 01 You Went Too Far * 02 The Way She Rolls * 03 Bubblegum Radio * 04 Just A Dog * 05 Steamroller

RATING: Score=75%

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Rob Richardson is the orchestra-man behind Rich Kid Express (written as ‘>Rich Kid Expre$$‘). He wrote the songs and played all instruments on this 5-song, slightly under 19-minute long EP. In addition to that, he produced and mixed it. An army of one indeed.

Richardson was the drummer and vocalist for the North Carolina hard rock band Heavens Sake, with whom he recorded two albums in 1997 and 2001, their self-titled debut and ‘Shinola’, respectively (the latter belatedly released in 2007).

The Songs

Richardson was raised on a steady diet of KISS, Glam Rock, Classic Hard Rock and Bubblegum and the five songs clearly reflect these influences. Opener ‘You Went Too Far’ has a strong early NWOBHM flavor to it through its riffs and power chords. A good start for an EP that shows a healthy diversity. ‘The Way She Rolls’ is kind of AC/DC-meets-Glam Rock and the warm overdriven guitars take center stage here.

The title track ‘Bubblegum Radio’ is a homage to the golden age of Glam Rock with bits of Bubblegum melodies which features a T. Rex-like main guitar riff. Lyrical references to KISS and The Sweet, an uplifting vibe and Richardson’s kids doing background vocals complete the picture of what is the most immediate song on the EP. Moreover, do not miss the funny accompanying video.

‘Just A Dog’ sounds like straight out of the classic-era Alice Cooper with the occasional 70’s KISS influence while the last song ‘Steamroller’ is a dynamic piece of Garage Rock whose short and sweet chorus sticks into the listener’s mind with ease.

In Summary

Rich Kid Express provide a rewarding collection for fans of that early, classic American Hard Rock and Glam Rock sound that pleases upon first listen, grows with each subsequent spin and leaves you wanting a full album soon. If I had to mention opportunities for improvement, I would add a little more bite to the guitars and some more guitar fills and background vocals as well. However, it does not tarnish the fact that this is enjoyable and refreshing.


Bubblegum Radio

RICH KID EXPRESS - Bubblegum Radio - (glam rock, classic rock style music)

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1 thought on “Rich Kid Express – Bubblegum Radio (EP)

  1. [Explorer] Excellent review David. The title track is straight out of 1973, and the rest is excellent early 80’s hard rock of which I detect a strong RATT influence.

    [DaveT] Thank you, Malcolm. You know, the first song sounded NWOBHM yet American-style at the same time to me. Ratt and their Euro-Metal influences are the answer. Great point :).

    [ReynoRoxx] That’s a really good track. The video is pretty amusing too. I have a hard time with music only available to download or stream though, because to me an album or EP implies physical product. I just can’t bring myself to call a download either o:)

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