Alpha Souls - Carousel Of Emotions

Alpha Souls – Carousel Of Emotions


This is a new and predominantly Spanish melodic hard rock band from Tenerife on the Canary Islands but with a Greek vocalist, they are the Alpha Souls.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Alpha Souls
ALBUM: Carousel Of Emotions
LABEL: Rock CD Records
YEAR: 2020
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Manos Fatsis – vocals * Ricardo Walls – guitars, keyboards * Botha Lopez – bass * Manuel Delgado – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Climb To The Top * 02 King Of The Road * 03 Live To The Full * 04 Silent Days * 05 Words Unspoken * 06 Dreamer In The Night * 07 Never-Ending * 08 How Well You Think You Know Me * 09 Believe * 10 Where Your Heart Belongs * 11 The Turning * 12 Six Minutes To Heaven * 13 Bring It On

RATING: 90/100



Alpha Souls is a new band in 2020 that originates from Tenerife on the Canary Islands. Well at least three of the four are on the islands, the fourth member Greek singer Manos Fatsis still resides in his homeland. Manos is also part of Odyssey Desperado and Hideaway, both bands reviewed at Glory Daze during 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Alpha Souls are a powerful quartet revolving around the sonic guitar work of Ricardo Walls. There’s a lot of squealies (pinch harmonics) going on plus the suitably powerful and melodic vocals from Manos makes for a perfect fit. Some people have compared them to Skid Row, but not having heard that band for years, I’m in no position to make the same claim.

The Songs

Having listened to this album in quick/FF mode back in December I was suitably impressed. Now in mid January 2021, I can apply more detail to my initial findings. Firstly, the album appears to be well produced with a crackling energy throughout.

The muscle tough ‘Climb To The Top’ which kicks it off announces the band with a massive dose of hard rock power. Vocals and guitars are especially impressive. The mid section tempo shift was an inspirational move. ‘King Of The Road’ is all about momentum and this particular vehicle is not doing burnouts on the spot. Nope, they are off and away, can you keep up?

‘Live To The Full’ by comparison is a notch down on the intensity scale but Ricardo’s solo is mind-bending, he’s a very inventive player in the mould of Ronni LeTekro. Some compliment indeed. The power ballad ‘Silent Days’ is very melodic and similar in structure to late 80’s era Whitesnake, though this is not really the band’s template.

‘Words Unspoken’ is a bit uneven arrangement wise, but is saved by an OTT guitar solo. Glory Daze regulars should enjoy the synth bursts within ‘Dreamer In The Night’, where the Alpha Souls reside easily in melodic rock territory. It’s similar to ‘Silent Days’ but without the Coverdale influence. There is a noticeable tempo change midway, plus an upward pitch shift at the end. Cool track.

‘Never-Ending’ rides along on the back of energised verses melding into choruses that are equally driven. ‘How Well You Think You Know Me’ is the pure ballad and reaches into the pocket for the kleenex. It took awhile to get going, personally I struggled with it.

Strong melodies are a feature of ‘Believe’, from the guitar melodies on the verses to the overall ambience of the production. Things do pick up as the song progresses, becoming heavier as a result. ‘Where Your Heart Belongs’ could be a Harem Scarem retread, though vocally its very different.. obviously.

There’s a slight cowpoke bluesy vibe to ‘The Turning’, it shows another side of this band which demonstrates they can turn their hand to most rock styles. Things are powered back on with the cutting sonics of ‘Six Minutes To Heaven’. Flailing riffs and tough guy vocals permeate the speakers. Love the scattergun sci-fi effects a la Steve Stevens on the solo. Boom!

‘Bring It On’ is the party anthem on the album, closing out things with a beer in one hand and a middle finger raised in defiance on the other.

In Summary

A surprisingly good addition to the ranks of 2020 albums released in mid December. Just how they can manage their trans-European membership is something only time can tell. The musicianship is top notch, there are interesting arrangements, super guitar solos and an inspired vocal performance from Manos. In the meantime, check them out, they get a definite recommendation from us.


King Of The Road

Alpha Souls King of the road

Where Your Heart Belongs
Where Your Heart Belongs

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