Le Roux - One Of Those Days

Le Roux – One Of Those Days


It’s an easy sell for this website to promote Le Roux, one of Glory Daze’s favourite bands and a longstanding musical beacon for our readers.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: One Of Those Days
LABEL: Gulf Port Records
YEAR: 2020
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jeff McCarty – vocals, guitars * Tony Haselden – vocals, guitars * Jim Odom – guitars * Rod Roddy – keyboards * Nelson Blanchard – organ, backing vocals * Joey Decker – bass, backing vocals * Randy Carpenter – drums * Bill Champlin, Bobby Kimball, Chapel Hart, Keith Landry, Travis Thibodaux – backing vocals

Additiona Musicians: Leon Medica Jnr – bass (3,6,9) * Tim Courville – drums (10) * Tab Benoit – guitar (10) * Alexey Marti, Mark Duthu – percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 One Of Those Days * 02 No One’s Gonna Love Me (Like The Way You Do) * 03 Lucy Anna * 04 Don’t Rescue Me * 05 After All * 06 Nothing Left To Lose * 07 The Song Goes On * 08 Lifeline (redux) * 09 Sauce Piquante * 10 New Orleans Ladies

RATING: 80/100



It’s an easy sell for this website to promote Le Roux, one of Glory Daze’s favourite bands and a longstanding musical beacon for our readers. Still in existence years after their heyday, the band might not be reaching the same giddy heights as their major label releases from the 80’s, preferring instead to revisit the era of their first two albums from 1978-1979 when they were known as Louisiana’s Le Roux. The band include their original name for posterity’s sake on this album.

The Songs

‘One Of Those Days’ is a fusion of Louisiana’s Le Roux’s bayou/cajun heritage mixed in with some commercial southern rock. It works for me. With Jeff McCarty carrying the vocal lead, the band are in good hands.

The lead title track ‘One Of Those Days’ is an excellent introduction to the band circa 2020. ‘Lucy Anna’ is a fun-time romp, ‘Don’t Rescue Me’ digs deep into blues territory, while ‘After All’ is a slow burning smokey ballad that resurrects the sound of the 60’s.

A cover of their 1983 AOR classic ‘Lifeline (Redux)’ from their ‘So Fired Up’ LP is an odd addition to this album considering the music is completely different in style, whereas the inclusion of ‘New Orleans Ladies’ was probably unnecessary as the song is a Louisiana’s Le Roux staple with its fan base and didn’t really need a repeat.

In Summary

However, it’s nice to see the band back in action. Tony Haselden, Rod Roddy and Jim Odom are still with the band, not forgetting Leo Medica Jnr who played on three tracks. It’s good to see the legacy in continuation. For diehard Le Roux fans, you need no introduction. Let’s hope the lads can hang around a bit longer.


One Of Those Days

LeRoux - One Of Those Days (Official Video)

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