Euphoria - Euphoria

Euphoria – Euphoria


Euphoria are a fairly useful slice of female fronted AOR from the land of ouzo and olives (Greece), with musical comparisons toward Dante Fox‘s style of AOR being used as a guide.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Euphoria
ALBUM: Euphoria
LABEL: Rock Of Angels Records
YEAR: 2020
CD INFO: Discogs Info List

LINEUP: Chrisanthi – vocals * Tony Kash – guitars * Theodore Ziras – lead guitar * Greg Herndon – keyboards * Kevin Harper – bass * Brian Cox – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Higher * 02 Looking For Love * 03 Heaven’s A Breath Away * 04 Bitter & Wise * 05 Whisper A Prayer * 06 Survivors * 07 Edge Of The World * 08 Victims Of Circumstance

RATING: 75/100



Euphoria is a Greek project but both the two principle members singer Chrisanthi and guitarist Tony Kash (ex Outloud) are American by birth. If you weren’t concentrating, or never saw this album come through the usual suspects of review sites, Euphoria is a fairly useful slice of female fronted AOR, with hints toward Dante Fox as a guide.

Interesting to see that former Dare alumni Brian Cox (that’s Professor Brian Cox to the rest of us, the science and astronomy expert on TV) is handling drum duties, while renowned Greek neo classical and HM shredder Theodore Ziras (previously reviewed here at GDM) is handling lead guitar duties.

The Songs

The music here isn’t the most original you’ll ever hear but it’s delivered professionally and there is more than enough interest value despite there being only 8 tracks. Highlights include ‘Looking For Love’ (think late 80’s Cher), ‘Heaven’s A Breath Away’ (check the video below) ‘Survivors’ and the excellent power ballad ‘Whisper A Prayer’. I occasionally go back and have a listen to this, as my initial review of it was fairly short and succinct (I’ve since expanded it).

In Summary

As you may have guessed, Euphoria flew way under the radar in 2020. Blame it on covid and the lock down mandates which preoccupied most of the world at the time. If it was another year, this album may have received more traction than it did. Certainly an album to reinvestigate.


Edge Of The World

EUPHORIA - "Edge Of The World" (Official Music Video)

Heaven’s A Breath Away
EUPHORIA - "Heaven's A Breath Away" (Official Video)

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  1. Hi Steve, I went off the credits in the Discogs Info page listed above. At the time, the association with Brian Cox as well as Kevin Harper (who is known in the DJ industry) seemed a little weird. In hindsight, the Discogs links appear to be erroneous, so I might follow this up directly with Tony Kash himself. Stay tuned.

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