Trigger Mafia - The Brotherhood

Trigger Mafia – The Brotherhood


Trigger Mafia are a Vancouver based classic rock band that I discovered back in 2021, and they’ve since forged ahead with their own self released album ‘The Brotherhood’.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Trigger Mafia
ALBUM: The Brotherhood
LABEL: Self Released (Bandcamp)
YEAR: 2022


LINEUP: Shawn Meehan – lead vocals, guitars * Jay Wittur – bass, backing vocals * Karl Oystensen – keyboards, backing vocals * Rod Senft – drums percussion

TRACK LISTING: 01 Find A Better Way * 02 Open Road * 03 Sittin’ On A Corner * 04 Drink What You Drink Roll What You Roll * 05 MFG * 06 Devil Woman * 07 Great Big Genius * 08 Snowflake * 09 The Brotherhood Song * 10 Turn It Up * 11 YVR * 12 Backyard Barbecue * 13 Find A Better Way (French) * 14 Horsehead In Your Bed

RATING: Score of 85%



Trigger Mafia are a Vancouver based classic rock band that I discovered back in 2021 though I am only just starting to write about them now, a year later. They came together as recently as 2020 though several of the band members do we have a history of playing together in previous bands. Though their formation was delayed by Covid they’ve since forged ahead with their own self released album ‘The Brotherhood’.

Trigger Mafia Band pic 2021

The Songs

Having heard some of Trigger Mafia’s songs on YouTube (see the list below), they kind of caught my fancy musically. It’s solid groovy classic rock though there are a few modern touches thrown in for good measure. The range of influences is quite wide and vast which adds to their appeal for me. I like how the organ work permeates through their songs, both very audible but understated too.

Tigger Mafia released a few of these tunes before the album’s release date, just to test the waters ahead of time. The guys look like they had a bit of fun in front of the camera too, judging by the videos below. My highlights including the sizzling ‘Sittin’ On A Corner’, while the centerpiece of the band revolves around lead singer and guitarist Shawn Meehan, who can both sing a song and tell a story, as with opening track ‘Find A Better Way’.

‘Open Road’ bounces along with fervent energy, as if trying to avoid potholes, ‘Drink What You Drink Roll What You Roll’ meanwhile is an instrumental which is as quirky as it is brief. ‘M.F.G’ which according to Meehan stands for mission from God and is a tune with a darker edge reflecting the events of our current dysfunctional world. I also enjoyed the slightly southern roughhouse rock of ‘Devil Woman’, check out the fun video below.

‘Snowflake’ is kinda aggressively hilarious.. ‘you’re such a snowflake, you make my brain ache’, we all know someone like that huh? The album’s epic moment is ‘The Brotherhood Song’ which is Trigger Mafia doing classic era southern rock. ‘Turn It On’ is the album’s party rocker moment, nice to see a whole lot of variety going on. For more shits and giggles ‘Y.V.R’ is an absolute send-up of the Rush chestnut ‘XYZ’. Not exactly a replica, but the intent was clear. ‘Backyard Barbeque’ is a funtime romp, I can feel the party vibes surging through the airwaves.

In Summary

There’s fourteen songs all up, enough to wrap your head around their music. There are three instrumentals as well which as circuit breakers throughout the listening time. I’ll be keeping an eye on Trigger Mafia into the future as they are still very active, playing live and have plans for new music as well as additional members to the band. Watch this space.


Sittin’ On A Corner

Trigger Mafia - Sittin' On A Corner (Official Video)

The Brotherhood Song
Trigger Mafia - The Brotherhood Song (Official Video) - Quintessential New Rock

Open Road
Open Road - Trigger Mafia (Official Video)

Devil Woman
Devil Woman - Trigger Mafia (Official Video)

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