Jessica Wolff - Para Dice

Jessica Wolff – Para Dice


Jessica Wolff’s ‘Para Dice’ album is fresh, powerful and full of melodic rock energy.

Written by: DEMONAOR

ARTIST: Jessica Wolff
ALBUM: Para Dice
LABEL: Metalapolis Records
YEAR: 2020


LINEUP: Jessica Wolff – vocals * Ari Manninen – guitar * Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar * Taneli Tulkki – bass * Jarno Vanhanen – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Ella’s Song * 02 Perfect Kind Of Wrong * 03 All The Right Things * 04 The Sunny Side Of The Bay * 05 Kill Switch * 06 Fight Forever * 07 Superhero * 08 Demons * 09 Take Me Away * 10 Strangers

RATING: 85/100

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Three years have passed since Jessica Wolff’s last album ‘Grounded’. During that time, she did a European tour with Treat, she undertook her own headlining tour, which ended with a performance at the HEAT Festival 2018, plus all the new songwriting and recording for this latest album ‘Para Dice’.

Since then, Jessica and her band, known as ‘The Wolffpack’, have grown together as a team. This is also shown by the fact that they have participated in the new album more than ever before. Produced by Jonas Olsson, this is still very much a Jessica Wolff album but sounds closer to the way they sound live on stage. Harder, more direct, straight in your face

The Songs

For ‘Para Dice’ it offers another face, more rocking but at the same time more melodic and direct. ‘Perfect Kind Of Wrong’ is indeed a perfect sample of the sound that the album is going to offer us. Very elaborate guitar riff and a devastating chorus. Of course, there are themes that are very reminiscent of the structure used in Jessica’s previous material, such as the advance single ‘All The Right Things’, a commercial streak that has been widely accepted by all her followers.

The album is unrelenting and maintains a high level from start to finish including precious passages such as the heartfelt ‘The Sunny Side Of The Bay’, a beautiful tune that plays with sweetness and is very effective in the end. In all her releases one can delight in this type of composition that works like a charm.

The best hits are found in the second part of the album after the break offered on ‘Kill Switch’ where one finds all the magic of her previous releases. From this moment on you have to hold on as songs arrive that will make you enjoy the best of melodic hard rock. Tracks like ‘Fight Forever’ (one of the best on the album), ‘Superhero’ (Another jewel), the Bon Jovi like ‘Demons’, the honeyed ‘Take Me Away’ and the incredible tune that closes the album ‘Strangers’ make this new release one of the sensations of 2020.

In Summary

‘Para Dice’ is fresh, powerful and full of melodic rock energy, and is a highly addictive cocktail that should give Jessica Wolf the recognition she deserves.


Ella’s Song

Jessica Wolff - Ella´s Song

All The Right Things
All the Right Things

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