Silvera - Edge Of The World

Silvera – Edge Of The World

85 / 100

Silvera from Denmark, are post-grunge melodic hard rock, with downtuned riffs, syncopated drum parts, a deeper vocal style and less flashy guitar solos than your average 80’s hard rock.

Written by: Dave T

ARTIST: Silvera
ALBUM: Edge Of The World
LABEL: Target Records
YEAR: 2020
SPONSOR: Target Records

LINEUP: Michael Krogh – vocals, guitar * Simon Nilsson Krabbesmark – guitar, vocals * Rasmus Lindegard Hovde – bass, vocals * Jens Gade – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Alive * 02 Something Else * 03 Edge Of The World * 04 No Air * 05 * Everything We Are * 06 Generation Z * 07 Light In Life * 08 The Reckoning * 09 Filling The Void * 10 On My Feet * 11 Promise

RATING: 80/100

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Silvera are a Danish band from West Jutland that started in 2015 under the name Malfunction, which they changed to the current Silvera moniker in 2017. Their first single ‘Edge Of The World’, produced by Jacob Hansen (Pretty Maids, Volbeat) was released back in 2018, with several others released as well since then.

This is their debut album out on October 16, 2020 with Hansen once again in the producer’s chair. In their own words, Silvera’s music contains ideas that traditionally belong to heavy rock while they try to generate captivating, catchy choruses with massive guitar riffs mixed with melodic phrases.

The band cites Alter Bridge, Volbeat and Clutch among their influences. Others compare them to Nickelback. I would add Bush and Shinedown as references for the listener.

L to R: Rasmus Hovde, Jens Gade, Michael Krogh and Simon Krabbesmark

The Songs

This is post-grunge Melodic Hard Rock, with downtuned riffs, syncopated drum parts, a deeper vocal style and less flashy guitar solos than your average 80’s hard rock. Yet, don’t be afraid of the Grunge reference since Silvera’s songs are highly melodic and polished.

First song ‘Alive’ is a brilliant start, slightly reminiscent of the most melodic Pearl Jam moments with a catchy falsetto chorus. Crunchy clean guitars alternate with dirty riffs for the melodic, rising ‘Something Else’.

The title track ‘Edge Of The World’ is a midtempo with high levels of emotional singing that recalls the vibe of Corabi & Kulick’s Union while ‘No Air’ combines speed with slower, clever riffs.

‘Everything We Are’ features Kobra Paige from Kobra And The Lotus on a duet with Krogh. The riff to ‘Generation Z’ will make you headbang. ‘Light In Life’ slows down the pace a notch with another good riff and ‘The Reckoning’ approaches Groove Metal with a few modern effects on the vocals.

The last songs are ‘Filling The Void’, which includes some mean double-kick drumming; ‘On My Feet’ that stands out for its crescendo intensity; and finally, ‘Promise’ rounds out the album with high energy and another convincing riff.

In Summary

Silvera has over a million plays only on Spotify to date, and deservedly so. Many of their songs are foot-stomping inducing, heavy and melodic at the same time, while the production is immaculate for the style. Recommended for fans of catchy melodic hard rock with a modern twist.



Silvera - Alive (Official Music Video)

Edge Of The World
Silvera - Edge of The World (Official Music Video)

The Reckoning
Silvera - The Reckoning (Official Music Video)

No Air
SILVERA - No Air (official video)

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