Brian Gari - Names Vol 1

Brian Gari – Names Volume 1


Brian Gari’s album is not the usual Glory Daze fair, but nevertheless it is in my opinion a welcome addition as it highlights the craft of songwriting and witty, intelligent lyrics.

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ARTIST: Brian Gari
ALBUM: Names Volume 1
LABEL: Original Cast Records
SERIAL: OC021820
YEAR: 2020


LINEUP: Brian Gari – vocals, guitars, piano * Peter Millrose – all Instruments, backing vocals, panting * Bruce Hoffman – pedal steel * Brian and Jeanne Gari – additional backing vocals

TRACK LISTING: 01 Another Janet * 02 Dylan * 03 Better Stick With Steve * 04 Whatever Happened To Rocio? * 05 How Do I Keep Up With Nicole? * 06 Vivian * 07 Phil Ochs * 08 What’s A Party Without Arthur? * 09 It Ain’t Hank, The Waitress Suite * 10. Maddy * 11 Karlee’s Smile * 12 Sue Ann * 13 I’ll Say Goodbye To Martha * 14 Jean’s Flag * 15 Henry On Sundays

Bonus Tracks: 16 Philippe’s Theme * 17 Sue Ann (Manu Lafer) * 18 (Maria Clara Laet)



‘Names Vol 1’ is a Brian Gari’s follow up to last years ‘Jeanne’s Album’, which I also reviewed here at Glory Daze. Comprised of some 15 tracks plus three bonus tracks and features songs about the likes of Phil Ochs, the actress Marta Heflin, the Broadway composer, Arthur Siegel and many other names that might be familiar (or not as the case may be !).

This album draws on Gari’s influences that range from the likes of the Beach Boys, Jimmy Webb, Rupert Holmes and Gilbert O’Sullivan.This album is as I alluded to in my review of ‘Jeanne’s Album’ is not the usual Glory Daze fair, but nevertheless it is in my opinion a welcome addition as it highlights the craft of song writing and witty, intelligent lyrics.

The Songs

As the album title implies, all the songs feature characters that Brian Gari has either met or (I’m guessing here) summoned up from his own (fertile) imagination, and very much in keeping with ‘Jeanne’s Album’ is full of astute observations, and memorable melodic hooks.

Tracks such as ‘Better Stick With Steve’ and ‘Dylan’ are real earworms, and ‘Vivian’ as I’ve now discovered is a reference to VeeJay Records mentor Vivian Carter who was responsible for the very earliest US releases of (amongst others) The Beatles catalogue, but I’ve also uncovered the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim through Gari here.

Jobim was a significant player in Brazil and helped internationalise the iconic Bossa Nova sound, and the track ‘Sue Ann’ manages to reference rather cleverly other Jobim songs, and there’s also ‘The Waitress Suite’ which is a lovely exercise in witty storytelling. Everything here never outstays it’s welcome, the songwriting is always concise and production-wise it’s all very complementary to the style on offer.

In Summary

I’m finding myself being drawn to music like this these past few years. This is an album but, yes an album that I can play from start to finish, usually in the evening. It’s music that has some exquisite lyrics and yes it is easy on the ear. Stylistically, it sits comfortably alongside the likes of Randy Newman, Paul Simon, James Taylor and Carole King. Praise indeed. Probably not for everyone here at Glory Daze but Brian Gari floats my boat right now.


Karlee’s Smile

Karlee's Smile

Phillipe’s Theme
Philippe's Theme

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1 thought on “Brian Gari – Names Volume 1

  1. [DaveT] I do believe Brian Gari’s music comfortably fits into GDM. Tom Jobin’s “The Girl From Ipanema” massively influenced the Smooth Jazz genre some of us love, Al Jarreau and George Benson as examples. The Carole King and James Taylor references also made me want to listen to this album.

    [Eric] Nice Malcolm! Big Antonio Carlos Jobim fan here and Brazilian stuff in general (as you know). I’ve discovered a lot of neat AOR things from down there in recent years that I will be sharing here. I will have to check this out.

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