Hammered Satin – Guitar Woman, Avalanche, Jukebox


The Hammered Satin gang are the best around town at replicating that Glitter Glam sound that I so adore.

Written by: Explorer

ARTIST: Hammered Satin
ALBUM: 3 Singles: Guitar Woman, Avalanche, Jukebox
LABEL: Bandcamp
YEAR: 2020

LINEUP: Noah Wallace – vocals * Elizabeth Boyd – guitars

TRACK LISTING: Guitar Woman * Avalanche * Jukebox

RATING: 95/100

WEBLINKS: Bandcamp Page | FB Page


These three brand new tracks are from what I understand would have been a new Hammered Satin album, but world events have sadly taken over so the band have decided to release what they’d completed before everything shut down.

The Songs

‘Guitar Woman’ is a love song of sorts from lead man Noah Wallace to his girlfriend (and HS Lead Guitarist) Elizabeth Boyd, and it’s a rip roaring glam drenched anthem, chock full of the trademark bubblegum Glam-isms that the band are renowned for but also here with a ‘Phil Spector’ feel to it to add to the songs authenticity.

‘Avalanche’ could easily be something that the Glitter Band would have recorded back in 1974, with its Hey’s, handclaps and an insanely catchy chorus all making for a crackin’ listen.

‘Jukebox’ is a quite breathless 50’s style romp and is a delicious slice of pure bubblegum pop.

In Summary

With material this good, hopefully the band can get back into the studio to get a full length album out sometime soon. These 3 tracks have just left me wanting more. The Hammered Satin gang are THE best around town at replicating that Glitter Glam sound that I so adore.


Guitar Woman

Guitar Woman

Hammered Satin - Avalanche


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