Dungeon - Resurrection

Dungeon – Resurrection


Resurrection’ is a fine example of melodic power metal, with Dungeon delivering rampant, crushing riffs and scorching lead solo’s.

Written by: Luigi

ARTIST: Dungeon
ALBUM: Resurrection
LABEL: Warhead Records
YEAR: 1999
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Lord Tim – vocals, guitars, keyboards * Dale Corney – guitars, vocals * Juz – bass, vocals; lead vocals on ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Let It Go’ * Stevo – drums, vocals

Additional Musicians: Gustav Hoffman – keyboards

TRACK LISTING: 01 Death From Above * 02 Resurrection * 03 Paradise * 04 Judgment Day * 05 Awke Up * 06 Fight * 07 Let It Go * 08 Time To Die * 09 I Am Death * 10 No Way Out * 11 Legend Of Huma



What would you expect to find in the suburbs of Sydney Australia? How about a very talented power metal band such as Dungeon? Since their inception in 1989 in the outback town of Broken Hill, Dungeon have gone through a few line up changes and a fair share of turbulence.

Their first release, a limited edition CD named ‘Changing Moods’ received critical acclaim. This led to a contract with TDK-Core Records in Japan. Under that label the band released ‘Demolition’, a mix of the ‘Changing Moods’ EP and demo’s. ‘Demolition’ sold over 5000 units in its first 6 weeks of release, and once again the band received high praise, particularly from Japan’s rock bible Burrn magazine.

Unfortunately, not long after the release TDK-Core’s direction changed dramatically and the band were dropped. As the saying goes, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Dungeon didn’t give up and continued to write and perform live, finally signing a worldwide deal with Warhead Records in 1999 for the release of ‘Resurrection’.

The Songs

It’s now three years on from then and Dungeon have parted ways with Warhead Records and are in the process of mixing their forthcoming album ‘A Rise To Power’, which they tell me has moved onward and upward from ‘Resurrection’.

If that’s the case, I’m expecting something pretty special, as ‘Resurrection’ is a fine example of melodic power metal. While full of rampant, crushing riffs and scorching lead solo’s there is no mistaking the melodic approach to the song writing. Big choruses punctuate many of the songs, which I’m sure will get the fans pumping their fists in the air at Dungeon’s live gigs.

‘Paradise’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Fight’ are all massive metal anthems. On ‘Time To Die’ and ‘I Am Death’ the music gets more aggressive, but it’s not overly heavy. The title track sounds like a heavier Fifth Angel. A slow, soaring lead intro begins ‘Judgement Day’ but that is soon replaced by furious riffing.

Rounding out the album is the brooding ‘The Legend Of Huma’, The track eventually segues into another fast paced passage with some impressive lead work. Though Tim wasn’t totally happy with his vocal performance on ‘Resurrection’, apart from the odd wayward moment I can’t fault him. His voice is mid to high range in the style of Ted Pilot from Fifth Angel.

He mentioned to me that the parts he did for the new album are the best he’s ever done. That bodes very well. The band as a whole is very tight and professional. The guitar work by both Tim and Dale is top shelf. Juz performs admirably on bass and also when taking the lead vocal role for ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Let It Go’. It’s not surprising that the backing vocals are so good when you’ve got two excellent vocalists.

Stevo, who is formerly of Thrash masters’ Addictive, puts in a commanding performance behind the kit. In relation to the production, perhaps the lead breaks could have been a little more defined in the mix, which does suffer from a touch of muddiness on occasion. Other than that the production is very good considering the budget involved.

In Summary

It’s a real pity that Dungeon had the bad breaks that have befallen them. With decent promotion and a good label backing them I’m confident that ‘Resurrection’ would have helped Dungeon’s journey towards becoming a recognised leader in the power metal genre.

With high anticipation I await ‘A Rise To Power’, and urge anyone into melodic power metal to head over to Dungeon’s website and say hi to Tim and the boys. Don’t forget, while you’re there pick up a copy of ‘Resurrection’, it’s worth it.

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