Newman - One Step Closer

Newman – One Step Closer


We’ve reviewed a few of Steve Newman’s albums over the years, but it looks like we’ve forgotten to review 1999’s ‘One Step Closer’, which is his best ever.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Newman
ALBUM: One Step Closer
LABEL: Escape Music
YEAR: 1999
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Steve Newman – vocals, guitar, keyboards * Mark Mulholland – drums * William Marshall – bass

TRACK LISTING: 01 One Step Closer * 02 Desperate Hours * 03 Don’t Walk Away * 04 Judgement Day * 05 Should’ve Been Me * 06 Taboo * 07 Fire Of Love * 08 Strongest Heart * 09 Strange Animal * 10 The Call * 11 Joanne



We’ve reviewed a few of Steve Newman’s albums over the years, but it looks like we’ve forgotten to review 1999’s ‘One Step Closer’, which I believe to be his best ever. How the hell did that happen? From the get-go, this is storming AOR, really much better and immediate than his many releases since. ‘One Step Closer’ is Steve’s second album, and his first for Escape Music. Let’s not muck around. There are some superb songs waiting for an assessment.

The Songs

The opening title track ‘One Step Closer’ is the perfect way to start, with hooks everywhere. Even your nearest local Fishing Supply store won’t have as many as this track. ‘Desperate Hours’ is absolute killer stuff. Some of the best AOR from 1999, and that year wasn’t too flash, let’s be honest. If Steve was to put together a Greatest Hits package, then this track will be on it, and toward the top of the pecking order.

Just when you think it couldn’t get better, ‘Don’t Walk Away’ rolls right on in like a stormcloud. By now you’d be thinkng, he must’ve sold his soul to the devil to write songs this good. ‘Judgement Day’ sounds like a Strangeways outtake, and I’m sure our Steve has listened to their back-catalogue for sure.

The tempo on ‘Should’ve Been Me’ sounds a little staggered, and reminds me of Winger in their not so stellar moments. ‘Taboo’ is back to some OTT musicianship, plus the big gang-chant vocals too which adds to its presence.

‘Fire Of Love’ is the sort of commercial hard rock made popular by the aforementioned Winger and even Alice Cooper during his late 80’s and early 90’s timeframe. ‘Stongest Heart’ is probably the most laid back track you’ll hear on the album. It takes awhile to get going, and by the 3 and half minute mark you will eventually hear some stunning guitar soloing.

‘Strange Animal’ is the longest track here. No, it doesn’t follow the boring pattern laid down by Iron Maiden, Steve does a far better job, but the high-points and crescendos don’t appear until right at the end (the 8 minute mark). The album finishes with two highlights for mine. ‘The Call’ and ‘Joanne’ ensures this album needs to be listened right to the end. Simply fantastic.

In Summary

What is interesting here, is the length of the songs right across the album. The shortest being 5 minutes, the longest 10 minutes. That is surprising indeed. Steve would release a handful of albums for Escape Music right up to 2006’s ‘Heaven Knows’ before going out on his own. But for your own sake, turn the clock to 1999 and get an earful of this tremendous CD.

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